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Anal. Chem.

0003-2700 / 1520-6882
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Analytical Chemistry is a peer-reviewed research journal that is devoted to the dissemination of new and original knowledge in all branches of analytical chemistry. Fundamental articles may address the general principles of chemical measurement science without directly studying existing analytical methodology as long as what is discussed relates to an important chemical parameter. Articles may be theoretical or they may report experimental results. They may contribute to any phase of analytical operations including sampling, measurements, and data analysis; the articles should target fields including, but not limited to, bioanalytical chemistry, bioengineering, chemical analysis, environmental sciences, forensics and medical sciences. Topics commonly include chemical reactions and selectivity, chemometrics and data processing, electrochemistry, elemental and molecular characterization, imaging, instrumentation, mass spectrometry, microscale and nanoscale systems, -omics, sensing, separations, spectroscopy, and surface analysis. Papers dealing with established analytical methods need to offer a significantly improved, original application of the method.

Research manuscripts include Letters, Technical Notes and Articles. The maximum lengths of Letters, Technical Notes and articles are four, five and eight journal pages, respectively. In addition, the journal publishes Features, Perspectives, and Reviews. Feature articles are written for the generalist and are intended to broaden readers’ professional interests and keep them aware of the role of analytical chemistry in the scientific arena. Perspectives point out the authors’ vision of the character and importance of a new direction in analytical chemistry, analyze research reports that provide the foundation for the new direction, and discuss the nature of the opportunities perceived. Reviews are invited and highlight recent advances in a specific subfield of measurement science. See our author guidelines for more information on the journal, the manuscript types, and how to estimate paper length.
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Note: Verified reviews are sourced from across review platforms and social media globally.
This is my submission time, hoping it will be helpful for everyone.
Submitted on October 7, 2022. If there is no news within a week, it means it has been sent for review. It is recommended to check the system after 7 days of submission. It will change from "associate editor assigned" to "in peer review".
The average review time for the editor to send it to reviewers is three weeks, and the decision will be given in the fourth week. So, the first review without arbitration takes about a month. After receiving the comments from the first round of review, there were major and minor revisions, and the editor gave a major revision.
On December 17, 2022, additional experimental data was provided and the review comments were returned.
It may be because I took too long for the major revision. Generally, the editor would send the review comments back to the original reviewers. However, there was only one week between Christmas on December 25 and January 7, when the reviewers were on holiday, so the second review took a bit longer. The comments from the second round of review only had suggestions to change the wording in the title. The editor gave a minor revision.
Accepted on January 17, 2023.
Signed the copyright transfer agreement on January 18, 2023.
Recording my ups and downs in the first submission process, I am grateful for the submission experiences shared by the experts before, supporting me through this long 5-month journey.
April 22nd: Submitted the article
April 25th: Assigned to Editor
April 25th - June 14th: Under review throughout (contrary to what some people said)
June 15th: Minor revision, major revision, rejection with almost all lowest scores. Editor requested resubmission by August 1st. Also sent Supplementary Journal Cover Invitation.
Around June 21st: Declined Supplementary Journal Cover Invitation (needed to conduct experiments and didn't have time)
July 26th: Sent an email to the editor requesting a deadline extension to August 15th due to additional experiments. Editor probably didn't see it, and on August 2nd, I logged in to find that the submission system had closed due to exceeding the response time (almost cried). Immediately sent another email to the editor, this time with read receipt. Editor replied that the deadline could be extended. The submission system reopened. (Lesson learned: should have set read receipt for the first email)
August 14th: Resubmitted the article
August 15th: Assigned to Editor
September 17th: Accepted (✿✿ヽ(°▽°)ノ✿)

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