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Recent Advances in Electrocatalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells and Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells


Volume 33, Issue 50, Pages -


DOI: 10.1002/adma.202006292


anion exchange membrane fuel cells; fuel cell electrocatalysts; hydrogen oxidation reactions; nonprecious metal electrocatalysts; oxygen reduction reactions


  1. National Key Research and Development Program of China [2016YFB0101200 2017YFB0102900, 2020YFB1505800]
  2. Research Grant Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region [N_HKUST610/17]
  3. Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee [SGDX2019081623340748, JCYJ20180507183818040]
  4. Foshan-HKUST Project [FSUST19-FYTRI07]
  5. Guangdong Science and Technology Plan Project [2019A050510043]
  6. Innovation and Technology Commission [ITC-CNERC14EG03]
  7. Natural Science Foundation of China [21875194]
  8. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation [2020M682660, 2020M682333]
  9. Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Fund: Regional Joint Fund-Youth Fund Project [2019A1515110253]
  10. National Science Foundation [CHE 1566283]
  11. Department of Energy-Basic Energy Sciences [DE-SC0006877]

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The article summarizes the current development status of PEMFCs and AMFCs, including electrocatalyst design, catalyst layer optimization, and cell performance. It discusses and compares the activity, stability, and fuel cell performance of different types of electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation reactions, while also exploring research directions for further development.
The rapid progress of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) and alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells (AMFCs) has boosted the hydrogen economy concept via diverse energy applications in the past decades. For a holistic understanding of the development status of PEMFCs and AMFCs, recent advancements in electrocatalyst design and catalyst layer optimization, along with cell performance in terms of activity and durability in PEMFCs and AMFCs, are summarized here. The activity, stability, and fuel cell performance of different types of electrocatalysts for both oxygen reduction reaction and hydrogen oxidation reaction are discussed and compared. Research directions on the further development of active, stable, and low-cost electrocatalysts to meet the ultimate commercialization of PEMFCs and AMFCs are also discussed.


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