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An international, peer-reviewed journal covering all of the chemical sciences, including multidisciplinary and emerging areas. RSC Advances is a gold open access journal allowing researchers free access to research articles, and offering an affordable open access publishing option for authors around the world.
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Royal Society of Chemistry
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Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0WF
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Note: Verified reviews are sourced from across review platforms and social media globally.
2020.9.7 Submission (with editor mentioned twice in between)
2020.11.5 Major revision requested by the editor: One reviewer requested major revisions, while another rejected the submission.
2020.11.30 Revised manuscript resubmitted.
2021.1.28 Minor revision requested by the editor: One reviewer agreed, while another still insisted on rejecting. The editor sought the assistance of a senior editor for arbitration and the arbitration result was acceptance.
2021.2.1 Revised manuscript resubmitted.
2021.2.3 Accepted.

Thank you, editor! After graduating, I joined a relatively low-ranked institution where I had to change my research direction due to insufficient resources. It became difficult to publish my articles. Some of the reviewers who repeatedly rejected my submissions were a bit extreme and their demands were unreasonable. I responded politely and seriously to every comment, but they still insisted on rejecting. Fortunately, the editor showed mercy and arranged for arbitration for me. The editor did not send the revisions to the reviewer after the arbitration. This editor is really good, always submitting the manuscript for review promptly (it was sent for review the day after submission), while the reviewers always delayed their responses (taking nearly 2 months). We should still treat the reviewers' comments seriously, even if they reject the submission, as editors still consider their opinions and it helps build a good relationship with the editor. Just as the student below mentioned: even a low-quality SCI journal is still an SCI journal.
3.12 Submit
3.15 With editor
3.15 In peer review
3.26 Major Revision
4.13 Resubmit
4.15 Minor Revision
4.16 Resubmit
4.19 Accept

The paper I submitted to Energy & Fuels was thoroughly criticized by four reviewers.

After making revisions, I submitted it to RSC Advances (which is said to be faster...).

Indeed, RSC Advances lives up to its reputation for efficiency...

The first review took two weeks, with two reviewers suggesting major and minor revisions.

After making the revisions, I received minor revisions within two days of the second review, and accepted two days after resubmission~~
(During this time, I was busy with coursework for two weeks and received a reminder. My first-year struggles were exposed hhh)

The editor is super nice and extremely efficient. The speed of the review was even faster than my speed of revising the paper ~O(∩_∩)O~

By the way, the editor doesn't work on weekends, so if you submit on Friday, it will usually be processed by the following Monday.

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