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ckj159 2023-08-07

Submission experience:
2023.6.22 Submission
2023.7.20 Reviewer's comments returned: Major revision, Minor revision
2023.7.29 Revision submitted (sent to the reviewer for major revision)
2023.8.3 Acceptance
2023.8.4 Payment made, Proof provided the same day
2023.8.7 Published online

peasgarlic 2023-08-05

Do you need the raw data for RSC Advances? Especially for WB.

peasgarlic 2023-08-05

Can I ask if RSC ADVANCES requires raw data?

温斯顿顿吃不饱 2023-07-05

Brother, why do I keep failing to make payment?

温斯顿顿吃不饱 2023-06-30

Submit 3 18
First review 5 30 Two minor revisions, one rejection
First review revised manuscript 6 23
Accept 6 25

hajis 2023-06-17

2023.04.05 submitted
2023.04.06 with editor
2023.04.11 in peer review
2023.04.15 with editor
2023.04.16 in peer review
2023.05.19 with editor
2023.05.19 in peer review
2023.05.22 major revision
2023.06.05 a revision has been submitted
2023.06.05 with editor
2023.06.06 in peer review
2023.06.16 accept

2023.04.05 submitted
2023.04.06 with editor
2023.04.11 in peer review
2023.04.15 with editor
2023.04.16 in peer review
2023.05.19 with editor
2023.05.19 in peer review
2023.05.22 major revision
2023.06.05 a revision has been submitted
2023.06.05 with editor
2023.06.06 in peer review
2023.06.16 accept

温斯顿顿吃不饱 2023-06-11

How much is the processing fee for journal articles now?

水哥 2023-06-07

Feeling very anxious!!

二蛋儿 2023-05-29

Hello, Original Poster. How is your article now? Are you still in the process of reviewing it?

daiwang20 2023-05-22

2023.5.22 Receive

水环境菜鸡 2023-05-18

Returned for repairs for about 10 days, and then accepted. It took a total of 45 days from submission to acceptance.
Reply to the comment below, just submit directly.
Also, I saw many people asking about discounts. In the acceptance email received by the corresponding author, there is a discount code that can be used to obtain a 1-year Affiliate membership, which allows a 15% discount.

daiwang20 2023-05-11

2023.5.11 Submitting the revised manuscript

1zw1 2023-05-06

I see on the official website it is 1000 pounds, how can I get it for 850a?

kakukeishun 2023-05-05

I want to ask the original poster, did you directly submit the summary or did you contact the office first?

水环境菜鸡 2023-05-04

The summary in my thesis was revised and submitted after making some changes. I am aware that the summary was written in a mediocre manner, and it was rejected by several non-open access (OA) third-tier journals that I previously submitted to. This time, I submitted it to RSC and received major revisions from two reviewers. The process was also very fast, and it was completed within a month. Indeed, paying money makes a difference.

daiwang20 2023-05-04

2023.05.2 bedeutende Änderungen in Englisch übersetzen:

王有才儿 2023-04-20

Hello, may I ask which journal you transferred to?

daiwang20 2023-04-18

2023.03.28 Submitted
2023.03.29 Initial assessment
2023.03.30 With editor
2023.03.30 In peer review (2 reviewers)
2023.04.18 1 review received on your manuscript

可爱又迷人的反派 2023-04-18

Posted on January 1, 2021, the first month had one reviewer, and the second month another reviewer was found.
On February 28, there were thirteen or fourteen major revisions.
Revised on March 8, stayed in the hands of the reviewer for ten days before being submitted.
Minor revisions on April 1, said to be published after modifications (2 issues).
Revised on April 3, stayed in the editor's hands for over ten days before being submitted again.
Currently still under review, it has been almost four months since it was submitted during graduation season.
Does anyone have experience with submitting for a second review and continuing with minor revisions?

Shhshsh 2023-04-15

Brother, is the layout fee 1000 pounds or 850 pounds? Did you use the member discount?

EVMT 2023-04-14

Do you have membership?

EVMT 2023-04-07

2023.03.05.submitted - Submitted on March 5th, 2023
2023.03.06.With Editor - With Editor on March 6th, 2023
2023.03.21.Major Revision - Major Revision on March 21st, 2023
2023.03.28.a revision has been submitted - A revision has been submitted on March 28th, 2023
2023.03.28.With Editor - With Editor on March 28th, 2023
2023.03.29.a peer review - A peer review on March 29th, 2023
2023.04.07.Accept - Accepted on April 7th, 2023

Is the current publication fee on the official website 1000 pounds? Why do many people say it's 850 pounds? Can someone with experience answer this? Also, how can I make the payment?

可爱又迷人的反派 2023-04-02

I reviewed for two months.


Brother, how long does it take to review?

wqbiss 2023-03-31

I would like to ask you, brothers, I know that the layout fee was increased from 750 to 850 previously, but now when I was about to pay, I saw that membership is required to get the 850 price, otherwise it is 1000. Has the price increased again, or should I find a way to get this discount? (Help me, I'm in a hurry to graduate but my stingy boss doesn't want to spend money, so I have to pay myself.)

YY-JC 2023-03-28

Hello, which journal did you switch to?

xxy-999 2023-03-27

This is an open-source journal. Before submitting, I looked into it and found that many people say it is one of the top four prestigious journals but also a garbage dump. However, I wanted to choose a fast option just to graduate, but unexpectedly, they rejected me quickly. Haha, maybe my work was too bad? Then I submitted to another open-source journal with a higher impact factor and ranked in the second quartile. I even received a waiver, and now it has been published. It can be considered a blessing in disguise.

Smarttomato 2023-03-23

May I ask how long it will take for your article to have any updates? I currently only have feedback from one reviewer, but the other one hasn't submitted their comments yet. I have been waiting for a long time.

Smarttomato 2023-03-23

May I ask how long it took for there to be any news about your article? Currently, I only have one reviewer who has provided their comments, but the other one has not yet.

xiao HU 2023-02-24

Excuse me, have you found it now? I also want to inquire about this issue.

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