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2096-5168 / 2639-5274
Aims and Scope
Research will publish fundamental research in the life and physical sciences as well as important findings or issues in engineering and applied science. The journal will publish primary research, applied research, reviews, editorials and views.

Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

Biology and life sciences
Micro- and nano-science
Artificial intelligence and information science
New energy studies
Mechanical science and engineering
Environmental science
Emerging materials research
Robotics and advanced manufacturing
Technological applications of all research.
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United States
American Association for the Advancement of Science
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The strong alliance between the China Association for Science and Technology and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, benchmarking against the National Science Foundation, has a high starting point. The editorial board is composed of a team of academicians, and the future development is promising. The chief editor's efficiency is very high! Thanks to the chief editor and the five reviewers for their opinions, which have been of great help. After more than two months of acceptance, the depth of the article has been further improved. Just received the first impact factor. Wishing Research to continue to thrive!
Two reviewers, both accepted minor revisions. Let's talk about our feelings, reviewing and proofreading really takes forever. The trick is to keep a calm mind. After all, in this era of supporting domestic production, many well-established journals have been downgraded to the second tier. Being in the first tier of Research alone is enough to prove potential. It is a bit difficult to compare with SA and NC, it requires a certain amount of time and improvement. Overall, the current positioning should be in the Small series and Adv.Sci. However, after all, it is a potential stock and worthy of investment.

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