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2223-7747 / 2223-7747
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Plants (ISSN 2223-7747), is an international and multidisciplinary scientific open access journal that covers all key areas of plant science. It publishes review articles, regular research articles, communications, and short notes in the fields of structural, functional and experimental botany. In addition to fundamental disciplines such as morphology, systematics, physiology and ecology of plants, the journal welcomes all types of articles in the field of applied plant science.
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Agricultural and Biological Sciences - Plant Science Q1 #82/487
Agricultural and Biological Sciences - Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics Q1 #121/687
Agricultural and Biological Sciences - Ecology Q1 #84/437
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2023.5.26 - Submission;
2023.6.5 - Received feedback for revisions (2 copies, very fast), one reviewer had no comments; the second reviewer, who is an expert in the field, provided sharp but forward-thinking opinions, which gave us a good direction for our future research;
2023.6.6 - Received feedback from the third reviewer: no comments;
2023.6.12 - Revised manuscript (reviewer requested additional experiments), we did not conduct the experiments as it was explained that if we had to, we would change the journal. The explanation was reasonable;
2023.6.15 - Feedback received, all experts agreed to publish (the second reviewer was "impressed" by our explanation, which was indeed reasonable). The academic editor raised a small issue with a figure that needed modification, and it was returned the same day;
2023.6.20 - Accepted!
Overall, the editor was responsible, and the reviewers were professional. We truly encountered skilled individuals, and the questions were excellent; at that time, I really wanted to conduct the additional experiments! The process was fast! The quality of this journal seems to have improved over the past two years, the only drawback being how expensive it is!
received: 2023-3-11 Submitted
major revisions: 2023-4-17 Four reviewers provided a lot of suggestions for revisions. The editor requested a major revision to be completed within 10 days. Due to the approaching Labor Day holiday, I worked overtime to revise the paper and sent it back for review in 5 days.
resubmitted: 2023-4-21
minor revisions: 2023-4-24 One of the reviewers was not entirely satisfied with the revisions and requested further modifications in the discussion section. The editor requested a minor revision to be returned within 3 days. Exhausted from all the revisions, I spent an entire day making major revisions to the discussion.
accept: Received an acceptance email the following day. Then proceeded to pay the publication fee.
2023-4-27 online
Peer review for journals is not as easy as I imagined. The suggestions provided by the reviewers greatly improved the quality of the paper, and I learned a lot.

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