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[Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization] - How to create Facebook

3 weeks ago · Sintu Kumar Singh
Answered Career Academia Postdoctoral

How do you manage your work-life balance?

1 month ago · Goran Shibakovski
Answered Research Industry Science Communication

How can we utilize the Internet of Things daily?

2 months ago · Aleksandar Karadimce
Answered Research Academia Postdoctoral

Is it beneficial to Incorporate open source large language models into your technological toolkit?

2 months ago · Goran Shibakovski
Unanswered Career Research Academia

How do I turn a topic into a research question?

3 months ago · Wai Lo
Unanswered Research Academia Publishing

More than 10,000 research papers were retracted in 2023, share your thoughts?

3 months ago · Wai Lo
Unanswered Career Research Academia

Is it better to have single-author article?

3 months ago · Wai Lo
Unanswered Research Academia Postdoctoral

How to assess the application of plant essential oils phytotoxicity on tomato

4 months ago · Khalil karimi
Unanswered Research Academia Publishing

How to write a good literature or narrative review paper ?

4 months ago · Wai Lo
Answered Career Research Academia

Can I do a postdoc even though I graduated with my PhD more than a year ago?

7 months ago · Gap Year
Answered Career Industry Publishing

What kind of positions can a geologist with a PhD expect outside of academia?

7 months ago · Not an Instructor