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Answered Academia Graduate School

What is one thing you wish you knew before you started graduate school?

3 months ago · Hub Captain
Answered Research Funding Graduate School

Should I do my senior thesis and PhD program in the same lab?

3 months ago · Two for One?
Answered Industry Publishing

What tools help you with your peer review?

3 months ago · Hub Moderator
Answered Career Outreach Science Communication

What is the best tip you have for someone who’s designing an outreach program for their lab?

3 months ago · Clark Holdsworth
Answered Career Research Academia

Can I do a postdoc even though I graduated with my PhD more than a year ago?

3 months ago · Gap Year
Answered Career Research Industry

Is it possible to make it as an independent researcher, or will no one take me seriously?

3 months ago · Independent Researcher
Answered Career Industry Publishing

What kind of positions can a geologist with a PhD expect outside of academia?

3 months ago · Not an Instructor