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zhgong007 2023-08-09

It has been almost a month. Haven't you reminded me yet?

屁屁乐 2023-08-08

It's indeed too slow. Submitted on July 10th and it's still "with editor" now.

llseu 2023-08-05

2023.08.05 in peer review translates to "August 5, 2023 in the process of being reviewed by peers."

llseu 2023-08-02

2023.08.02 with editor translates to "August 2, 2023 with editor" in English.

llseu 2023-08-02

2023.07.19 submit - Submitted on July 19, 2023
2023.07.19 with editor - Under review with the editor on July 19, 2023
2023.0727 in peer review - In peer review since July 27, 2023

zhgong007 2023-07-31

So slow, it's been 18 days and still with the editor. It's not like it's Nature or Science, it's ridiculous how slow this second-tier journal's pre-review process is.

bacca 2023-07-14

It has been 6 weeks and there is still no news, anxiously waiting.

Vilum 2023-06-28

Just published, the impact factor has plummeted.

304 2023-06-22

This real-time impact factor is a bit dangerous, huh? How is it only 6.0? This...

Charming666 2023-06-22

06.08 submitted
Until 06.22 continuously with editor
It feels like it's been stuck for a while, not sure what the situation will be like later.

bacca 2023-06-19

Same question, how can we know when the document is finished being reviewed?

bacca 2023-06-19

Same anticipation, it has been 17 days since submission for review.

outman 2023-06-05

2023-03-08 Submission
2023-03-20 In Review
2023-04-11 Major Revisions Please revise as soon as possible, received two reminder emails.
2023-05-20 Revised
2023-06-01 Accepted

Fightinger 2023-05-25

The child wants to graduate T.T. It's been almost a month in peer review, but there's still no response or tracking. I'm really anxious and hoping for a good outcome soon. [Please, please]

明月相伴清风随行 2023-05-17

2023.2.25 submitted
2023.4.10 major revision
2023.5.11 accepted
In commemoration of this.

student98 2023-05-10

2022.12.8 submitted
2022.12.10 with editor
2023.1.20 in peer review, it has been with editor before this
2023.2.24 with editor
2023.3.11 in peer review
There were 3-4 changes between these two states
2023.3.21 sent an email to urge for review comments, editor replied saying that a new reviewer was found because the first reviewer was taking too long to provide comments
2023.3.23 major revision with 18 comments from two reviewers
2023.4.10 a revision has been submitted
2023.4.20 accepted, one reviewer replied stating that the revised version meets the publication requirements
2023.5.10 online
It took nearly 4 months to receive the first review comments in the early stage, but good things take time.

考拉上树 2023-05-10

3.23 submitted
4.5 in peer review
5.7 minor revision
The reviewers are all very friendly, and the editor is also very nice. I hope to return to the first-tier category.

hua` 2023-05-04

Hello, may I ask how long it took for you to receive the first-round review comments from the submission?

houbier 2023-04-03

"This paper has a well-structured argument, which greatly enhances its readability. It appears to be a well-crafted paper that only requires minor revisions for publication. However, after carefully reading it four times, I believe that the paper lacks sufficient depth and cannot be published in Nanoscale. I apologize for saying this, but this work does not meet the expected standards for publication in Nanoscale, which is known for its strict requirements as a top-tier journal. Perhaps RSC Advances would be more appropriate."

maicao 2023-04-03

20230403 In the process of reviewing, hoping to graduate, bless me for a smooth journey.

屁屁乐 2023-04-01

Did you submit it for review?

屁屁乐 2023-04-01

It has been two weeks, why is there no progress with the editor?

Vilum 2023-03-19

Jumping back and forth between "with editor" and "in peer review" is quite unsettling.

maicao 2023-03-16

I didn't see the switch, I guess it wasn't there when I was looking.

student98 2023-03-16

Hello, I would like to ask, have the system status of yours not switched between "with editor" and "in peer review" in the past two months?

student98 2023-03-16

Brother, has the system status not been switching between "with editor" and "in peer review" for the past two months?

杜杜 2023-03-15

No news for two months after submitting, but suddenly got hired today without any modifications. So impressive!

maicao 2023-03-08

20230308 Submit for review. Hoping for good luck and hoping for a smooth graduation.

maicao 2023-03-07

2023.2.26 Submission Initial Evaluation; 20230228 with editor; 20230307 In the hands of the editor, approximately nine days have passed. Based on the information found through search, the longest rejection time is 12-14 days, but the longest review time is also 9-10 days, so the outcome is still unknown. Hoping for no rejection.

夜行侠 2023-03-06

It has been a week with the editor, I don't know if it can be reviewed or not.

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