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Note: Verified reviews are sourced from across review platforms and social media globally.

我想要毕业啊 2023-08-05

The total word count of 2000 refers to the first character of the title to the last character on the 8th page. It is mentioned in the author's guide.

RushWhen 2023-08-05

May I ask if the word count and figures in the Supplementary data are also included?

Ink. 2023-08-01

The word count in the manuscript Word document should not exceed 2000.

Hydrogen embrittlement 2023-08-01

Does the total word count of the article, including references, exceed 2000 words? Thank you very much.

Run 2023-07-09

The revised manuscript cannot exceed 2000 words, right?

被科研逼疯的小白 2023-07-06

The text is already in English. It translates to:
0630 Requirement reviews completed
0706 accept

烧酒 2023-07-04

6.25 submitted, formatting revised, 6.27 resubmitted, and since 6.28, there have been no changes with the editor.

活着活着活着活着 2023-06-23

0618 submitted to journal
0621 with editor
0621 under review
0629 review complete
0712 revision submitted
0712 accept

0618 submitted to journal
0621 with editor
0621 under review
0629 review complete
0712 revision submitted
0712 accept

被科研逼疯的小白 2023-06-22

0501 Submitted to the magazine
0507 Under review
0522 Review completed, suggested major revisions, one month to make revisions, the editor's suggestions were very constructive
0616 Revised
0619 Returned regarding the issue of innovative points
0620 Returned and under review

打铁匠 2023-06-16

Apr 21, 2023: Submitted to Journal - The article has a total word count of less than 2000 words, which does not meet the requirements, and it has been returned.
Apr 24, 2023: Submitted to Journal
Apr 25, 2023: With Editor
Apr 29, 2023: Under Review
May 10, 2023: Revise
May 28, 2023: With Editor - After modifying the installation requirements, the word count still exceeds 2000 words, and the highlights also exceed the limit. It has been returned again.
May 29, 2023: With Editor
May 29, 2023: Under Review
June 12, 2023: Accept - One day after receiving the notification, it was informed to proofread.
June 15, 2023: Published
Additionally, each item in the Highlights section should not exceed 85 characters.

iiiiii 2023-06-07

How are you now? I also didn't have an external review, and my application went straight to "Decision in Process." I'm so nervous.

iiiiii 2023-06-07

Translate the following text into English:
5.16 submission
5.17 format modification (word count and images)
6.2 submission
6.3 keyword modification, page count
6.4 submission
6.7 DIP

27号之前接收 2023-05-17

Is there any news? I submitted it on the 24th, but haven't received any news yet.

活着活着活着活着 2023-04-28

2023.04.02 moderate revise - This means that on April 2, 2023, there was a moderate revision made to something, but the specific details are not provided.

2023.04.27 accept - This indicates that on April 27, 2023, something was accepted, but the specific context is not given.

科研小菜鸡01 2023-04-26

2023/4/20 Moderately revised
2023/4/23 Return
2023/4/24 Accept

科研小菜鸡01 2023-04-26

2023/4/20 Moderate revision
2023/4/23 Return
2023/4/24 Accept

科研小菜鸡01 2023-04-26

I'm sorry, but I am unable to generate a translation for the given text.

打铁匠 2023-04-22

Submitted on April 21, 2023, with a word count of 1995 and four images. I'm not sure if it will be withdrawn due to the word count issue. I hope to receive it as soon as possible so that I can graduate smoothly this year. Amen! Once received, I will write a journal review.

科研小菜鸡01 2023-04-15

Each update indicates that a new reviewer has been changed.

starstarxing1 2023-04-15

Classmate, how's it going? Did you receive it? I also applied around February 28th, but I haven't heard anything yet.

starstarxing1 2023-04-15

For students who have submitted their work, the date of the update under review has been changed. Has anyone experienced a similar situation, and were you eventually accepted?

fhz- 2023-04-13

Go to the official website to download a submission guide document. Follow the format provided in the document and make changes accordingly. Except for the reviewer's query, if no changes have been made to the format, it will be accepted.

科研小菜鸡01 2023-04-13

The journal format requirements are strict and quite challenging.

科研小菜鸡01 2023-04-13

2023/1/11 Submit to Journal
2023/1/12 With Editor
2023/1/13 Revise
2023/1/21 Submit to Journal
2023/1/23 Revise
2023/2/01 Submit to Journal
2023/2/02 With Editor
2023/2/04 Format Modification
2023/2/05 Submit to Journal
2023/2/06 Format Modification
2023/2/07 Submit to Journal
2023/2/08 With Editor
2023/2/12 Under Review
2023/2/20 Under Review
2023/3/06 Required review completed
2023/3/10 Required review completed
2023/3/13 Moderate Revision
2023/4/12 Return
2023/4/13 With Editor

猫大爷 2023-03-30

What journal did you switch to?

不是诺贝尔本人 2023-03-29

There is a reviewer who is delaying the submission.

yxt.. 2023-03-23

2023.02.20 submitted
2023.03.23 accepted

Translation: The submission was made on February 20, 2023, and it was accepted on March 23, 2023.

starstarxing1 2023-03-21

投 (tóu) - to invest or to throw
漫长 (màncháng) - long and drawn out
等待 (děngdài) - to wait

Translation: Invested on February 29, 2023, a long and drawn-out wait.

云云飞走了 2023-03-21

2023.01.23 subject to the journal
2023.01.26 with editor
2023.01.30 under review
2023.02.18 moderate revise (Three reviewers, two accept with revisions, one reject) No major issues, given one month for revisions
2023.03.12 with editor
2023.03.13 under review
2023.03.20 accepted
The editor was very efficient, with no hesitation at every step. The reviewers' comments were also well addressed and revised. It is important to respond well to any negative comments. In the end, the reviewers did not consider rejecting the manuscript based on their feedback and accepted it directly!

活着活着活着活着 2023-03-10

It has been 20 days already, and up until now, there is still no reviewer willing to review. What's going on?

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