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miracleF 2023-01-03

I also submitted it. The revision was due on September 20th, with four reviewers: one rejection, two minor revisions, and one major revision. We conducted additional experiments and made changes to the article until December 27th, when it was finally submitted. It is still under review until now. I hope it will be accepted, as it has consumed a lot of energy.

惘闻 2022-03-03

JMC is a top journal in the field of medicinal chemistry, representing the highest level in the field. I submitted an article and received the review results within a month, and it was accepted after the revision. The submission process for JMC is very simplified, without the need to upload high-resolution images, etc. The review speed is fast, with a response generally within three weeks. The reviewers are highly knowledgeable and provide constructive suggestions. Overall, JMC seems to prioritize innovative and comprehensive research results. This is my first article in JMC, and I hope to have more publications in the future. I also wish everyone success in their research!

5ontheroad 2022-02-07

I feel that ordinary universities are okay, but they are not able to reach the level of being classified as "211" or "985" universities. Currently, the competition in domestic education is intense.

5ontheroad 2022-02-07

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Top 1 journal

xiangqi82 2021-01-08

I already have 5 first-author papers in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. I wonder if I can obtain a position as a professor or associate researcher at a domestic pharmaceutical college when I return to China. I dare not even think about aiming too high. Can anyone help me with advice? Thank you.

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