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殇25 2023-08-09

The reason for two completed status changes in RRC is because the system requires two opinions to be returned before the change to RRC.
As for why RRC is not quickly updated to RC or DIP, it is because the editor hasn't had time to handle it.
It may be due to the squeezing of manuscripts.
Good luck, this time it will definitely yield good results, as there will certainly be a reviewer who is satisfied.

Pharon.lp 2023-08-09

Submitted in mid-April, edited by Dr. Leng Zhen, PhD. After 3 days, it went under review. In less than a month, it received a major revision. There were only two reviewers, but their feedback was positive and required minimal changes. Two weeks later, in early June, it was resubmitted. Around 3 days later, it went back under review. This process has been ongoing until now. During this period, I tracked the submission and one reviewer refused to review it. I was getting frustrated, so I sent an email to the editorial department to urge them. The next day, a review invitation was sent out to two new reviewers. The following day, one of them accepted the review. One week later, the review was completed twice. The issue now is that the status is still "under review" instead of "revise and resubmit" (RRC). This is causing me a lot of stress. I submitted another paper to BT in early July, and they are already close to completing the first review. It's really disheartening to see such a stark contrast in speed.

dragonlord 2023-08-09

How can I send an email to Teacher Leng Zhen? I have sent a message on the internal messaging system to remind him, but it didn't work. It has been over a month since I submitted the RRC.

chun· 2023-08-09

Returned comments on August 7th, major revision.
The evaluation provided by the editor is that the research results reported are too premature for publication. More work is needed to substantiate the conclusions in your manuscript. It feels like the major revision might not be successful.

nature-environ 2023-08-08

My water article was submitted on December 10th, 2022, but it was only accepted on June 14th, 2023. It took 50 days for the first round of editing and only one month for the reviewer (ur) to review it. Then it was sent back for revisions for half a month, and it stayed in the hands of the editor for another 50 days. After that, the reviewer took 10 days to review it again, and then it stayed with the editor for another ten or so days. I give up. I won't submit anymore. Now my junior also submitted an article, and it has been under review for 3 months without any news. Hmm, it's better to just go in circles.

jiafeimao123 2023-08-08

Pray for rejection. I promise that if this journal does not improve its efficiency in the future, I will definitely not submit again. This journal is too slow, and I don't know if the editors are repeating experiments to verify the authenticity of the articles.

zy09 2023-08-08

Yes, it has been more than ten days and it is still in the hands of the editor.

haha1 2023-08-08

20230707 Submission
20230708 with editor
20230808 with editor
Extremely time-wasting
Regretted submitting to this journal. This speed is really beyond expectations. It's affecting my mindset. Regret not submitting to Sustainable Cities & Society, at least it wouldn't be this slow.

zy09 2023-08-08

7.25 submitted, 7.27 with editor, still in review (we), initially submitted a composite of science and tech, asked to transfer.

紫陌 2023-08-08

Divide equally to one editor with a rating of 8.5.

serach 2023-08-07

"Xin Tong" means "editor" in English.

Nlciu 2023-08-07

My 23-16XXX is still with the editor, it has been over a month, too difficult.

LICHUYI 2023-08-07

How long does it usually take with an editor?

LICHUYI 2023-08-06

My paper number is also 23-200xx, and it is still with the editor ???

求修改求录用 2023-08-06

Which editor are you assigned to?

求修改求录用 2023-08-06

Which editor did you get assigned to?

jiafeimao123 2023-08-06

I received a review invitation with the number 23-20xxx. My manuscript with the number 23-17xxx is still "with editor" until now. Different editors have different efficiency, but it is still being processed.

DokiDoki 2023-08-06

"被Decision in Process了 吸吸欧气" translates to "The decision is in process. Take a deep breath and stay positive."

serach 2023-08-05

Full of happiness and good fortune!!!~

serach 2023-08-05

8.4投 结果未知 translates to "8.4投 The result is unknown" in English.

yyyaccept 2023-08-05

Don't worry, I have been with the editor for a whole month, this is a normal operation.

linmo 2023-08-04

Hey, it's getting more and more ridiculous.

linmo 2023-08-04

Isn't she being a bit excessive? It's been a month since July 4th, right? Has she been reminded?

L 2023-08-04

I would like to ask if there is a problem with my PDF where the handwritten content is not visible after generating it.

users111 2023-08-04

It has been over a month with the editor. In the same group, there were rejections due to mismatched scope. After three edits, it was finally accepted.

DokiDoki 2023-08-04

My editor is also her. I submitted it on July 4th and there has been no change for a month.

DokiDoki 2023-08-04

I am also her. It has been a month since July 4th and it has not been resolved yet.

腹黑的小鸟 2023-08-04

Absorb the European spirit, inhale wildly.

jiafeimao123 2023-08-03

How do you know it's the reviewer? Is it the editor?

...1 2023-08-03

Full of good fortune and happiness!

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