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Strategies for Identifying the Best Journal for Publication 04/2021
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Our priority is to answer questions we missed during the webinar and to handle any additional questions that you may have. Further, we expect to have a great discussion between all attendees here! The live board below will be refreshed at the end of each month as the next webinar goes live, but you can always visit previous discussions using the "Archived" tab. This month's webinar is "Illustration is Key: Preparing Eye-Catching Figures for Publication”
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November 2023 1
September 2023 6
How to Successfully Communicate with Journal Editors 2
How to write a literature review 02/2023 5
Best Practices for PowerPoint Presentations Every Researcher Should Know 06/2022 1
Predicting Reviewer Behavior to Get Published 1
Get Published: Accelerate the Peer Review Process 8
Boost Your Citations: Maximize Impact, Readership and Visibility of Your Publications 4
Addressing Reviewer Comments - Resubmit Your Manuscript with Confidence 5
Predatory Publishing Practices: What You Need to Know 2
Producing an Engaging Scientific Webinar: Expert Tips and Best Practices 1
Illustration is Key: Preparing Eye-Catching Figures for Publication 4
Strategies for Identifying the Best Journal for Publication 04/2021 8
Leveraging Your Scientific Society To Advance Your Career 03/2021 7
Understanding Research Metrics: What Really Matters 02/2021 6
Guide to Publishing in Top-Tier International Journals 6
12/2020 11
Mastering Statistics: Your Questions Answered 12
An Editor's Guide to Peer Review 29

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