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Commented on Best Practices for PowerPoint Presentations Every Researcher Should Know
Avy and I are available if there are any follow up questions. Ask away here and we'll help out.


Commented on Pre-clinical assessment of a water-in-fluorocarbon emulsion for the treatment of pulmonary vascular diseases
This is an interesting study of the delivery method. I'd imagine it could be repeated for any number of similar circumstances to determine proof of concept, as demonstrated here. Certainly an interesting series of possible studies. I'd wonder what sort of rescue efficacy it might demonstrate on pulmonary-comprised heart failure rats. Perhaps they are too far compromised from a chronic standpoint, but it might be interesting to see what acute impact it might have.


Commented on Impaired Critical Speed in Mice with Sickle Cell Anemia
Sharp use of critical speed as a functional measure in this model. Critical speed/power should be seeing wider application in basic physiological research and in clinical work. Pretty easy puzzles all lined up for any clinician.