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Commented on ChatGPT: What is it and how will it impact me?
Great webinar, thank you! As an educator in I/O psychology, ChatGPT is definitely changing the landscape of online education and the workforce. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that I talk about quite often during my seminars. Digital innovation has and will continue to have a significant influence/impact on education, work, relationships, and communication.


Commented on Crime as a service
In addition to Wai Lo's comment, I also think of "Crime as a service" aligning with social media and/or the media in general. Best, Dr. Dixon


Commented on The longitudinal association between infant negative emotionality, childhood maltreatment, and ADHD symptoms: A secondary analysis of data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study
Hello, I really enjoyed reading about your research. I teach college level psychology and I/O psychology. In a recent lecture, I introduced to learners how parenting style, environment, experiences, and mental health issues influence personality development and aggression among children and adults. We actually discussed abuse and neglect in relation to ADHD, aggression, depression and panic. After reading your findings, I'll be sure to discuss the concept of negative emotionality as a risk factor for abuse/neglect and ADHD with my class. I'm curious how maltreatment load would influence personality development. Thank your for sharing. Dr. Dixon