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Peeref Expands the Platform by Releasing the All New Peeref App: Now Allows For App-friendly Exploration of Webinars, Funding Opportunities & More

Feb 18, 2022

Peeref takes another step forward with a new app release. Bringing Peeref to Google Play and the AppStore launches a new phase in the growth of the Peeref platform. Peeref is a free platform that collects information relevant to researchers—funding opportunities, webinars, and publication tools. To better facilitate the promotion of research and enable important discussions within the academic community, Peeref introduces its new, free app. The Peeref app is designed to make engaging with the scientific community simpler than ever.

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About Peeref |

Peeref is a global communication platform tailored to scientific researchers. Launched in 2019, Peeref is designed to provide researchers an integrated forum for exchanging insights on scientific publications and sharing their journal submission and peer review experiences. Our mission is to help scholars worldwide establish trusted social networks through active scientific communication. Authors, reviewers, and journals/publishers all play important roles in academic publishing and research communication. Our vision is to promote interactions and connections between these three parties, and to establish a vibrant research-focused social network to ensure that we all can successfully publish our scientific discoveries.