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Chemical constituent and Biological potency of Chrysopogon zizanoides L. root essential oil grown in North-East India with special consideration to acidic soil


Volume 26, Issue 4, Pages 920-936


DOI: 10.1080/0972060X.2023.2264328


Anti-diabetic; Anti-tyrosinase; Biological activities; Perfumery and pharmaceutical use; Versatile crop; Vetiver


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Chrysopogon zizanoides root essential oil has been extensively studied for its chemical profile and biological activities. The oil exhibited antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and anti-tyrosinase activities, but no significant antimicrobial activity. This novel study provides valuable resources for further research and the development of pharmaceutical and natural product industries.
Chrysopogon zizanoides L. is an industrially important crop recognized globally for its plentitude of uses in the perfumery and pharmaceutical industries. Acknowledging its vital importance, thorough research was put forward on the ramifications of the chemical profiling and biological activities of C. zizanoides essential oil collected from North East India, with particular reference to the acidic soil condition. The GC/MS analysis identified 31 compounds with an essential oil yield of 0.11 +/- 0.035% (v/w), including cubenol as a major compound. Anti-oxidant potential through DPPH scavenging activity disclosed IC50 value in median range, in ABTS assay, IC50 value was much lower than standard (9.43<34.13 mu L/mL), indicating high anti-oxidant activity. IC50 value of alpha-amylase assay showed much lower than standard (44.43<68.87 mu L/mL), indicating intense anti-diabetic activity; moreover, through trypsin inhibitory assay, the IC50 28.95 mu L/mL was almost similar to standard 25.68 mu L/mL. Anti-tyrosinase activity revealed contradictory results showing a higher IC50 value (188.75>138.59 mu L/mL) than standard kojic acid. A study on anti-microbial activity results revealed no sign of inhibition against any of the tested microbial strains. Therefore, from our research, it is concluded that C. zizanoides root essential oil has potent biological activity. To date, no detailed analysis has been performed on the anti-diabetic and anti-tyrosinase activity of essential oil of C. zizanoides; hence, the present study can be considered novel as it will provide a handful of resources to conduct further research and will open a door for the development of pharmaceutical and natural product industries.


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