Addressing Reviewer Comments: Resubmit Your Manuscript with Confidence


Aug 20, 2021 08:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) Switch Time Zone
Dr. Clark Holdsworth

Senior Manager, Communications & Partnerships (LetPub)

Dr. Holdsworth oversees communications projects and partnerships at LetPub. LetPub has thousands of interactions with authors and journals annually. Dr. Holdsworth and the Learning Nexus Team filter these experiences into an intuitive and effective educational experience for authors and journal editors.

Dr. Avriel Licciardi

Research Communications Strategist (@LetPub)

Dr. Licciardi provides project management of LetPub's scientific editing author services, as well as assistance in business development, brand building, and international media. Dr. Licciardi's direct interaction with authors and publishers yields insights that she filters into a comprehensive learning experience for the LetPub Learning Nexus community.

Dr. Joseph Licciardi

Professor and Department Chair (University of New Hampshire)

Dr. Joseph Licciardi is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of New Hampshire, and previously served as a journal editor for five years. Licciardi's primary fields of study include glacial geology, geomorphology, paleoclimatology, and volcanology, with the majority of his research focusing on the development and application of geochronological methods and understanding mechanisms of climate change. His work in the United States, Peru, Iceland, and Greenland has led to an internationally recognized research program. Licciardi's research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including Science and Nature Geoscience, accruing thousands of citations and numerous publications.

Join Dr. Avriel Licciardi and Dr. Clark Holdsworth as they welcome special guest—and former journal editor—Dr. Joseph Licciardi for this month’s exclusive LetPub webinar. Tune in and learn how to properly adhere to response letter norms, address difficult reviewer comments, and write a compelling “response to reviewers” document—a critical component for avoiding journal rejection.

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