Top 10 Tips for Writing a Response Letter: Predicting Reviewer Behavior to Get Published
Feb 25, 2022 08:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) Switch Time Zone
Dr. Clark Holdsworth

Senior Manager, Communications & Partnerships (@LetPub)

Dr. Holdsworth oversees communications projects and partnerships at LetPub. LetPub has thousands of interactions with authors and journals annually. Dr. Holdsworth and the Learning Nexus Team filter these experiences into an intuitive and effective educational experience for authors and journal editors.

Curious about the best practices for responding to peer reviewers, to increase your chances of manuscript publication? Questions about handling difficult reviewers and the editorial decision-making process?

Tune in to this month's LetPub Webinar to get your questions answered and receive free guidance for writing an effective response letter suitable for high impact peer-reviewed journals. Learn how to predict reviewer behavior, so you can streamline the revision process and get published faster.
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