Predatory journal risks and avoidance strategies for researchers


Jun 12, 2024 08:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) Switch Time Zone
Dr. Clark Holdsworth

Senior Manager, Communications & Partnerships (LetPub)

Dr. Holdsworth oversees communications projects and partnerships at LetPub. LetPub has thousands of interactions with authors and journals annually. Dr. Holdsworth and the Learning Nexus Team filter these experiences into an intuitive and effective educational experience for authors and journal editors.

Authors must understand the proper vetting of a journal’s editorial policies to mitigate the risk of associating with predatory or poor-quality journals. Predatory journals have the potential to capture unsuspecting researchers. This webinar aims to help your fix your publishing strategy once and for all. If you have already run into a publishing disaster with a predatory publisher, we will offer advice on navigating such a situation so as to mitigate long-term consequences. In less than 60 minutes, Dr. Clark Holdsworth will answer your queries, and share options, guidance, and tips for crafting a publishing strategy to avoid predatory publishers. Join us on Wednesday, June 12 at 8AM EST (8PM GMT+8).

Topics to include:
• Rapid, easy identification practices for predatory journals
• Setting a publishing strategy for your research group
• Handling and rectifying a publication with a predatory or low-quality publisher

Join your host, experienced editor and publishing consultant Dr. Clark Holdsworth. Clark brings ample experience in developing publishing strategies and consultation for journal screening.
Best of all, this is also a forum for interaction! Features include:
• Extensive Q&A session where you can have all your specific problems addressed, in detail
• A chat function to interact directly with your host and speakers.

For added value, the entire session will be made available on-demand for later viewing, and a certificate of participation will be provided!
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