The 5-min Research Presentation Challenge 2024


Stage 1: Entry deadline 02/05 12:00 PM EST

Stage 2: Voting deadline 02/16 12:00 PM EST




There will be one overall winner as adjudicated by the Peeref competition panel. There will also be a “People’s Choice” winner based on the presentation that accrues the most user votes. Additional prizes will be awarded to the top postdoc and top student presentations that are outside the other category winners.

First Overall: $250 People’s Choice $100 Best Postdoc: $50 Best Student: $50

The current presentation event has ended. Thanks to those who submitted and voted.

No.1028 Student

Effect of Different Base Design, Resin Material and Prosthesis Types on the Trueness of 3D-Printed Dental Casts

Citra Dewi Sahrir

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