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Should I do my senior thesis and PhD program in the same lab?


My advisor said I could do a PhD with her, and I like her lab and my labmates a lot. However, one of them told me that it might not look good on my CV to do all my degrees in one place. Is that true?

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One halfway answer would be:

I would say (by experience) that having a good relationship with your advisor and labmates is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of a PhD. I've seen people with amazing research projects and tons of resources give up halfway through because of mental health and relationship issues.

If you go to other lab, you have a 50% chance of not liking the city/advisor/people there.

If you stay, you will indeed limit your network and soft and hard skills that we learn in new places. HOWEVER, understanding this limitation, you can look for side projects, 1-year exchange programs, enroll in different activities within neighboring unis…and still grow and fill your CV with different names. So you get the best of both worlds 😊