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Magneto-Mechanics of Magnetic Shape-Memory Crystals With Micropeened Surfaces

PUBLISHED July 25, 2022 (DOI: https://doi.org/10.54985/peeref.2207p3943209)



Zane Harbison1 , Gianella Condor2 , Ammon Butler2 , John Martin2 , Shane Palmer2 , Paul Lindquist2 , Peter Mullner2
  1. Columbia University
  2. Boise State University

Conference / event

Idaho Conference of Undergraduate Research, July 2022 (Virtual)

Poster summary

Nickel-Manganese-Gallium is a prominent MSM crystal that can be strained to 6% of its length. The alloy degrades and breaks after repeated loading, a behavior called fatigue. Bombarding the surface of the material with minuscule glass beads (micropeening) increases the number of loading cycles thousandfold; however, this decreases the maximum strain. In this project, stress and strain were measured before and after micropeening at different pressures to identify a quantitative relationship between process parameters and the dynamic material properties. Preliminary results show that micropeening at 25 psi preserves a large part of the strain while micropeening at 30 psi suppresses most of the strain.


MSM material, Nickel-Maganese-Gallium, Micropeening, Fatigue life, Stress, Strain

Research areas

Material Sciences


  1. S. Fähler, Tutorial G, MRS Fall Symposium 2009, Boston, MA, November 29, 2009.


  1. National Science Foundation (No. XC-1950305 and NSF-DMR 1710640)

Supplemental files

  1. Video supplementing the poster content.   Download

Additional information

Competing interests
None declared.
Data availability statement
The datasets generated during and/or analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding_author author on reasonable request.
Creative Commons license
Copyright © 2022 Harbison et al. This is an open access work distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Harbison, Z., Condor, G., Butler, A., Martin, J., Palmer, S., Lindquist, P., Mullner, P. Magneto-Mechanics of Magnetic Shape-Memory Crystals With Micropeened Surfaces [not peer reviewed]. Peeref 2022 (poster).
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