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The current poster competition has ended. Thanks to those who submitted and voted.

Best Presentation

The votes are in and the Best Presentation has been made! The Peeref Team wants to thank everyone who submitted to the competition, as well as the voters — you’ve all made this inaugural competition a great success and we look forward to continuing it in the future. Congratulations to our winners!
52 Presentations for Voting
No.1110 1st Place
Quantum chemical, spectroscopic and molecular docking investigations of potential pulmonary fibrosis drug methyl 2-chloro 4-iodonicotinate
Milton Franklin Benial
623 votes
No.1104 2nd Place
Multi-regulator of EZH2-PPARs therapeutic targets: A hallmark for prospective restoration of pancreatic insulin production and cancer dysregulation
Christopher B. Olowosoke
226 votes
No.1061 3rd Place
Real-time multi-factor thermal comfort assessment
Georgia Tzitziou
218 votes
No.1092 4th Place
Design and Development of a Smart Pen for Dyslexics
Dr Balakrishnan S
214 votes
No.1139 5th Place
Dissipation of incident wave energy by two floating horizontal porous plates over a trench-type bottom
Sunita Choudhary
195 votes
No.1090 6th Place
A review of Van Hiele's model
173 votes
Socio-affective scenarios using learning analytics
Jacqueline Mayumi Akazaki
167 votes
Investigation of radiation attenuation properties of T15 high-speed steel
129 votes
Mini ASD closure in dextrocardia with situs inversus by lalt approach: A surgical challenge
Thakut Gowtham
98 votes
Effect of client-centered and reality therapies on the coping strategies of sexually harassed students in tertiary institutions in Taraba State, Nigeria
Lucy Matsayi AJI
97 votes
Assessment of scatter radiation dose received by comforters and carers during digital breast tomosynthesis mammography
Michelle Kostidis
70 votes
Association between cognitive impairment and motor dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional study
Hanadi Alharthi
66 votes
Differential expression of interferon inducible protein: guanylate binding protein (GBP1 & GBP2) in severe dengue
Agieshkumar Balakrishna Pillai
62 votes
Chemical activation of Piezo1 to enhance TRAIL-mediated apoptosis in glioblastoma cells
Michael King
60 votes
Theoretical analysis of thermo-responsive behavior of microgels loaded with silver nanoparticles
46 votes
An active learning-oriented error-based stopping criterion for efficient structural reliability analysis
Jinsheng Wang
44 votes
Bioavailability and pharmacokinetic parameters of a formulation containing secoisolariciresinol diglucoside–rich extractdetermination of absolute bioavailability
chhaya gadgoli
39 votes
Graphene quantum dots doped with sulfur and nitrogen as versatile electrochemical sensors for heavy metal ions Cd(II), Pb(II), and Hg(II)
Dr. Saisree S
34 votes
Estimating the performance of solar cells with luminescent down-shifting layers
Roberto Bernal Correa
29 votes
Photoinactivation of Colletotrichum truncatum, Corynespora cassiicola, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Rhizoctonia solani in soybean seeds by cationic porphyrins
Carolina Ceriani Saulle
27 votes
Graphene-based sensor for high precision body temperature measurement
25 votes
Probability analysis in predicting creep life of power plant material using high power ultrasound
Minati Kumari Sahu
24 votes
Evaluation of cryopreservation solutions based on human platelet lysate for bioengineered bissues aimed for advanced therapy treatments
María Martín López
18 votes
The classic model room task: A symbol that doesn’t measure symbolism
Catherine Sayer
15 votes
Reusable SERS substrate based on interconnected metal network structure
Heena Sammi
15 votes
On the deformation mechanism of SiC under nano-scratching: an experimental investigation
Yang He
12 votes
Angiopoietin-like 4 dictates the day-night rhythm of metabolic brown adipose tissue activity
Robin van Eenige
9 votes
Energy-efficient job shop scheduling problem with transport resources considering speed adjustable resources
Joao Fernandes
9 votes
Multi-regional comparative N-glycomics reveals both spatial and phylogenetic gradients in mammalian brain N-glycome complexity
Thomas Klarić
5 votes
The promotion of plant growth and fruit features after the application of chitosan isolated from Parapenaeus longirostris shells
Fatima El Amerany
3 votes
Simple method in measuring honey bee morphological characters
Hossam Abou-Shaara
2 votes
FitzHugh–Nagumo oscillators on complex networks mimic epileptic-seizure-related synchronization phenomena
Moritz Gerster
1 vote
Understanding syntax structure of language after a head injury
Marisol Roldán
1 vote
GABA DACHO: Dark chocolate enriched with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and inulin as prebiotic
Wee Yin Koh
1 vote
Novel chitosan/alginate hydrogels as carriers of phenolic-enriched extracts from saffron floral by-products using natural deep eutectic solvents as green extraction media
Débora Cerdá-Bernad
1 vote
Ubiquitination of bacterial surface proteins act as novel innate pathogen sensing strategy
1 vote
The impacts of tourism
Maksim Godovykh
0 vote
BNN27 nanoformulations for nose-to-brain delivery
Maria Kannavou
0 vote
Triethanolamine concentration effect on electrodeposited SnS properties
0 vote
Synthesis of antimicrobial polymers with mannose residues as binders for the FimH adhesin of Escherichia coli
Atsushi Miyagawa
0 vote
Distributed body sensor network using V2V/V2I communications for safety driving - An overview and a new proposal
Farook Sattar
0 vote
Novel synergistic combination of active ingredients for melasma topical therapy
Alfredo Martínez
0 vote
Investigating factors affecting drug purchasing behavior in light of digital practices used by Malaysian pharma companies to market and dispense their OTC products
Mohamad Saleem Anis
0 vote
Multidimensional profiling of human body hairs using qualitative and semi-quantitative approaches with SR-XRF, ATR-FTIR, DSC, and SEM-EDX
Karen Cloete
0 vote
Tourist behaviour change for sustainable consumption (SDG Goal12): Tourism agenda 2030 perspective article
Sara Dolnicar
0 vote
Measures of retention in HIV care: A study within a review
Nadia Rehman
0 vote
The past and future of cultural diplomacy research
Natalia Grincheva
0 vote
Single photon imaging in the shortwave infrared
Osian Wolley
0 vote
An experimental prospective study on effectiveness of brief heartfulness-based start ‘U’p program on anxiety and perceived stress in allied health students
Sanjana T. Philip
0 vote
Ultrashort pulsed laser cleaning in the conservation of archaeologically significant bones and flints
0 vote
The longitudinal association between infant negative emotionality, childhood maltreatment, and ADHD symptoms: A secondary analysis of data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study
Dennis Golm
0 vote
Multiphase flow characteristics and gas loss in the shear layer on a ventilated supercavity wall
Xingqun Gao
0 vote

Recent Poster Events

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1 2023 05/10 12:00 PM EST - 07/10 12:00 PM EST 52 Awarded View entrants and winners
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Recent Winners

Past prize recipients:
Opinion mining for breast cancer disease using a priori and K-modes clustering algorithm
Dr Balakrishnan S
A rare renal cell cancer clinical presentation late thyroid metastasis
Tolga Kalaycı
Tribological behavior of WC/C coated AISI 420 steel in artificial saliva
Sara Blunk
Socio-affective scenarios using learning analytics
Jacqueline Mayumi Akazaki
PCL/graphene 3D scaffold fabrication and in vitro analysis using a solvent casting and particulate leaching assembly process
Silvia Anitasari
Influence of E. coli on workability and strength characteristics of self-consolidating geopolymer concrete based on GGBFS, fly ash and alccofine
Nishanth L
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