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守寒望夏 2023-08-07

2023.05.23 pending review
2023.05.24 under review
2023.06.09 major revisions
2023.06.26 manuscript resubmitted
2023.06.29 accepted for publication

The submission process went smoothly because five reviewers were recommended (a minimum of three reviewers was required). All editors were found, and we received five reviews. We were given ten days for major revisions and requested a seven-day extension to submit the modifications. After submitting the revisions, the manuscript was directly accepted for publication. It is a decent open-access journal, and the entire process took one month, making it suitable for those in a rush to graduate.

八岐大猪 2023-08-06

Template rejection, switch journals.

jjjlin2 2023-08-04

The following text has been rejected, reason: Submissions sent for peer-review are selected on the basis of discipline, novelty and general significance, in addition to the usual criteria for publication in scholarly journals. Does this mean the submitted article does not match the journal? Are there any other suitable journals? Seeking graduation.

爱搞科研 2023-07-31

It has been edited three times back and forth. The layout fee is a bit expensive, and according to the exchange rate on the day of payment, it is close to 20,000. It would be great if it could be reduced a bit.

八岐大猪 2023-07-27

Yes, received in eleven days.

jjjlin2 2023-07-27

Did you accept it in just 11 days?

八岐大猪 2023-07-24

Received Date
July 13, 2023
Revised Date
July 22, 2023
Accepted Date
July 24, 2023
This is too fast.

尘. 2023-07-23

I do not have any pending decision. After the major revision, two reviewers returned for round 2, and then it was pending evaluation and decision (p e d).

RFplasma 2023-07-21

How many days did it take for the pending decision of your paper? Mine has been waiting for a decision for 4 days, and I still haven't received any news.

科研阿杰 2023-07-15

Received Date: 16 June 2023
Revised Date: 6 July 2023
Accepted Date: 8 July 2023
Published Date: 13 July 2023

lhxmars 2023-07-12

After the major repair, two opinions were returned. It's been 6 days pending editor decision, this decision is too slow, usually it takes 2-4 days.

clby 2023-07-11

The waiting time for this submission has been particularly long. I submitted it on March 24th, and the pending review process took an exceptionally long time. Finally, on July 4th, I received the reviewer's comments after exactly 100 days. Oh my, I was really exhausted from waiting. I made the revisions on July 8th and unexpectedly received the acceptance email on the 11th.

淙淙 2023-07-10

I would like to ask you experts, how long does it usually take for this journal to be pending review?

fuzixuan 2023-07-10

May I ask what state you are in now?

刘同学已被注册 2023-07-10

May I ask if you were rejected by an MDPI-owned journal, and then submitted to another one but got rejected again? Does that mean you cannot submit to any MDPI journals anymore?

刘同学已被注册 2023-07-10

Excuse me, were you rejected by a journal under MDPI, and then you submitted another one and got rejected again, is that correct?

fuzixuan 2023-07-09

Hello, what is your current status?

zhouyi98 2023-07-08

I would like to ask all the experts if there is a high chance of acceptance for this journal. Are the revision requirements strict?

舞鱼无秋 2023-07-01

u1s1, what you said downstairs makes a lot of sense.

舞鱼无秋 2023-07-01

U1S1, what they said downstairs makes a lot of sense.

klasnic 2023-06-30

Including you, some people, your logic makes me feel incredible: on one hand, you hope that this journal will accept the paper that you originally treated as water, on the other hand, you criticize this journal for being watery. In the event that this journal does not accept your watered-down paper, or if the journal's understanding of water is different from yours, you will feel sorry for yourself: always thinking you are right, and blaming the journal for everything. Well, it's quite impressive, huh?

Jason70 2023-06-29

Do you need to choose a special issue for submitting this? Is it slow and difficult to be selected if you choose a special issue? It has been two days since submission and it is still pending review.

Tao王 2023-06-28

I want to ask you all experts. Is it true that after the first rejection by an editor at MDPI, no matter how you submit, as long as it is with MDPI, it will always be rejected by the editor without being sent for review? If you encounter this situation, what should be done if there are still articles in the future that you want to submit to MDPI? It feels like a frustrating cycle, especially considering there aren't too many suitable journals.

逃离科研 2023-06-28

Beijing Branch Phone Number (seems to be the Haidian Office or Chaoyang Office, managing this journal): 62563691.

花生米 2023-06-27

Is there a telephone number for the Beijing branch?

花生米 2023-06-27

Do you have the phone number for the Beijing branch?

Bolin Zhan 2023-06-26

It was just a bit slow for the first review, which took almost three weeks. I got a little anxious waiting, but the following reviews were comparatively faster.

逃离科研 2023-06-24

Just call the phone number of MDPI China branch directly and ask. My Pengding review also took too long, I sent five emails to the editorial department but didn't receive any replies. Calling once will solve it, and it will be under review the same day.

逃离科研 2023-06-24

Just call directly, call the phone number of MDPI China branch and ask. I have sent five emails to the editorial department's email but no one has replied. Just make a phone call and it will be resolved~

努力发SCIing 2023-06-24

Hello, this civil engineering project can be invested in or not.

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