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Yangyangyangxd 2023-08-07

District 2 top is not bad.

哆啦A梦的馈赠 2023-06-02

Notification of results on the 14th day of submission, two rounds of revisions, acceptance on the 28th day.

KWJ 2023-05-10

I am too, two reviewers agreed, but the editor rejected it, it's really a waste of time.

dr0422 2023-05-08

May I ask if you have invited the reviewers now?

Miaoye 2023-05-02

Submitted. Collected into a certain topic after 2 weeks. Still searching for reviewers. Hey experts, does being categorized into a specific topic increase the chances of acceptance significantly?

大胖龟 2023-04-30

Why was it rejected even though both reviewers agreed to publish? What was the reason given by the editor?

chifan 2023-04-24

This magazine has been improving its standards since the second half of the 22nd year, including the number of reviewers, etc. From the situation of people around me, the probability of instant rejection and rejection after review has increased significantly. Those who said that submitting to this journal was a waste of time should try it themselves. Many people criticized it, but once they submitted their work, it was rejected. Now, they have mostly stopped talking about it.

伞南星 2023-04-24

The text translates to: "Rejected after 75 days of reviewing."

Gu 2023-04-22

Do you have any news?

STONE 2023-04-21

How did we change editors midway?

伞南星 2023-04-19

After dragging on for several months, I rejected it.

伞南星 2023-04-19

Dragging on for 7 months, in the end, they still refused. I'm truly speechless.

伞南星 2023-04-14

My paper has been approved for publication by two reviewers, but it has been two months and it is still in the "Review Finalized" stage. In the meantime, there have been three rounds of editing to make the final decision, and the review process is still ongoing. What is going on? It has already been over six months in total.

伞南星 2023-04-14

Since October 4th, 2022, until now, there has been no news. People are going crazy.

STONE 2023-04-10

One reviewer has already returned their comments, while the other one has been silent for quite some time, it has been ten days.

HJHBLY 2023-04-08

I want to ask how yours is going. We submitted around the same time, but I still haven't found a reviewer. There has been no progress so far.

narzy 2023-04-06

Pursuing the speed and quantity of publications, it is unbelievable that someone from the same research group is invited to help the editor find reviewers for another person's paper within the group. It's absurd.

narzy 2023-04-06

This magazine will invite the same members of the project as editors (there are even more collaborators as reviewers), pursuing publication speed for papers but not strictly enforcing quality control.

zxl2021 2023-04-04

Many publications are fast because they are resubmitted after being rejected, and the suggestions provided by experts have significantly improved the quality of the articles.

番茄葫芦爸 2023-03-28

During this period, two reviewers were returned by the editor, and an additional reviewer was added!

STONE 2023-03-26

It's been the eighth day, I wonder if I won't be able to find a reviewer and get rejected.

yaozuyang 2023-03-21

Does anyone know how this journal's acceptance rate is for papers on bioinformatics databases?

STONE 2023-03-21

One day for editing distribution, now it has been three days.

lyyyyzzz 2023-03-15

Will give you a mandatory allocation within a month at most.

IMZ 2023-03-13

Did the original poster get rejected by this journal? It feels like they are being so hostile.

谁帮我写一下 2023-03-09

It seems a bit "fishy".

谁帮我写一下 2023-03-09

Employment rate of over 90%, what is there to be afraid of? I'm still worried about whether my defense will be criticized by experts and rejected by this journal.

谁帮我写一下 2023-03-09

Ahaha, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has become a second-tier institution, which is quite impressive. The magazine of warnings is also in line.

谁帮我写一下 2023-03-09

Many people graduate by considering this journal. Those who understand quality understand it.

谁帮我写一下 2023-03-09

Look at the region, this journal is in the second tier.

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