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二十三 2023-08-09

Hello, may I ask where did you see the distribution editing status?

求求你接受吧 2023-08-08

2023.08.05 Submission
2023.08.08 Assigned and edited
I want to ask you guys, my mentors used his account to submit this journal, I can receive emails, but I can't see the progress on ACS Paragon Plus. Why is that?

冰山不冻 2023-08-08

The journal quality is good, and the speed is fast. I wish the journal will continue to improve.

冰山不冻 2023-08-08

The second article received, the quality of the journal is good, and the speed is fast. I wish the journal will continue to improve.

LZH610 2023-08-08

Editor: Michael KC Tam, responsible and fast in processing. Helped me revise the title and abstract.
230309, submitted
230404, reject & resubmit (3 reviewers, 3 major revisions, 35 questions, given 3 months)
230525, resubmitted
230623, Major revision (added one reviewer, 8 questions, major revision)
230719, R1
230804, Minor revision, minor formatting issues
230804, R2
230808, accepted
After a long and painful journey of 5 months, the overall result is still satisfactory!

Leon ZHU 2023-08-04

Does this journal charge page fees? Currently it seems to be a transformative journal.

Leon ZHU 2023-08-04

Does this journal currently charge page fees and other fees?

信仰 2023-08-03

May I ask how long the second round of revisions will take? Also, has the paper been sent to the reviewer who rejected it? I would appreciate some suggestions. Thank you very much.

bill90 2023-07-28

This is really frustrating. We have come to the final moment and wasted 8 months, yet it is still like this. It's really disappointing.

Cyril00 2023-07-27

Finally submitted for peer review.

Cyril00 2023-07-26

Yes, the status has remained unchanged until today and is still in the hands of the editor. After submission, it is unknown whether an email will be sent, but you can check the specific dynamic changes in the "Instructions & Forms" section located in the top right corner of the page.

697 2023-07-24

Hello, may I ask if you have assigned the editor and there have been no changes? After submitting the ACS journal, will we receive any information like emails or will the status change?

Cyril00 2023-07-21

7.2 submitted.
7.4 associate editor assigned. (Bing-Joe Hwang)
So slow, still no news. Should I send an email to ask?

yanyujiangpan 2023-07-11

Does not comply with the usual process. If the editor does not want to accept it, they should reject it the first time someone refuses to review it. The reason why the editor invited the fourth reviewer in the first place must be because they believed it had value to be accepted, and this person's opinion should be the final decision. Since the fourth reviewer's suggested modifications have already been addressed and the editor has provided minor revisions and formatting changes, it should be reaching the end. However, it was then sent back to the reviewer who rejected it, which is puzzling. Nevertheless, even if their previous questions were perfunctory and impolite, they still need to be reasonably perfunctory, using extensive reasoning to gently silence them, with valid arguments. In this situation, it is entirely possible to appeal, explaining the situation to the chief editor, attaching the details of the modifications, and requesting reconsideration. If the chief editor agrees, it will be resolved quickly.

accepted 2023-07-11

In the end, it was rejected. They accepted one with minor revisions and rejected the other. As long as one reviewer stubbornly finds faults and insists that you are not suitable, acceptance is not possible, which further delays the process.

zeongi 2023-07-08

Mar 27, 2023 Submitted
Mar 29, associate editor assigned (Dr. Andrew Marr)
Apr 9, In peer review
Jun 8, Revision requested (Three reviewers' comments: 13+10+2)
Jun 15, R1 submitted
Jun 30, Minor revision (One reviewer's comments: 4)
Jul 1, R2 submitted
Jul 6, Format edit (Formatting issues and confirmation of originality of figures and tables)
Jul 7, R3 submitted
Jul 7, accepted
Everything else went quite smoothly, except for the long review time for the first round, which took two months. It may be difficult to find reviewers in the field of microbiology and nanomaterials intersection. The third reviewer mentioned that they haven't seen any articles in a similar field in this journal in recent years. In any case, I wish the journal continued success!

西木栗L 2023-07-07

Hello, what form does the second round of review comments take after repair? Is there a response from the reviewer?

accepted 2023-06-29

Submission in October 2022, received review comments in November. Three reviewers, two major revisions and one rejection. The editor suggested resubmission after rejection. At that time, I didn't want to submit anymore and wanted to switch to something else. However, the teacher thought there was still a chance and wanted to give it another try. Then, I had to supplement the data and modify the article. Finally, resubmitted in January 2023 and received review comments in February. There was an additional reviewer who recommended minor revisions, acceptance, and rejection respectively. The new reviewer requested major revisions. There were a total of 7 questions, all of them requiring answers. The editor provided suggestions for minor revisions and edited the manuscript. Then, on February 28th, I made the revisions. I thought I would get the results quickly, but until now, there has been no progress for four months. There has always been only one reviewer who rejected the manuscript twice. It feels like they didn't even read the content of the article and just criticized it based on the background. However, they neither accepted nor rejected it. It has been 8 and a half months since submission. Fellow researchers who are considering submitting, please think carefully.

b1i2rd 2023-06-29

Submitted on April 26th, reviewed in two weeks, received revision comments on June 2nd. There were four reviewers, all of whom agreed. The editor gave 20 days for minor revisions. After the revised version is returned, a decision on format changes will be made within two working days and accepted. Once R2 is returned, it will be accepted immediately. The journal is well-positioned and suitable for submission in the field of green chemistry. Best wishes for the continued success of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

pppppppinzz 2023-06-18

Hello, may I ask what is the rate at which it gets rejected?

阿里路 2023-06-17

Return the feedback in about one and a half months, and then make two formatting revisions, with feedback given approximately every 10 days each time.

yanyujiangpan 2023-06-13

Cannot, once it is online, it cannot be modified ASAP. During the proofing stage, you can request multiple proof checks. Any modifications now should be written as comments in the form of corrections. Your article will also be highlighted in red as a result. Unless it is a serious error, the editor will not approve it.

阿linlin 2023-06-12

May I ask, if the article is online, can I still make a small correction? I have OCD and really want to make a modification.

小太阳2022 2023-06-09

ACS plagiarism check starts from the submission of the revised manuscript, so feel free to submit your manuscript for the first time.
Using itenticate for plagiarism check is risky if the similarity is above 30%. It is preferable to have 15-20% similarity if the manuscript contains experimental sections.

ice博 2023-06-05

May I ask if the plagiarism check is done before acceptance? I always thought it was done before assigning the editing work.

xiaojianrong531 2023-05-31

Feb 26, 2023 Submitted to Journal
Feb 28, 2023 Associate Editor Assigned (Dr. Bing-Joe Hwang)
Mar 17, 2023 In Peer Review
Apr 01, 2023 Revision requested (4 + 11 comments from reviewers)
Apr 12, 2023 Submitted to Journal
Apr 13, 2023 In Peer Review
May 17, 2023 Accepted pending minor formatting revisions
May 20, 2023 Accepted
May 31, 2023 Published

世纪魔术师 2023-05-29

Excuse me, has it been submitted for review? Mine has also been assigned to Professor Huang, but there has been no news for over a week.

哈哈哈哈怪 2023-05-25

I just submitted and it went directly under review. I don't know how long I have to wait for it to reach the editor's hands.

windgone 2023-05-24

My editor is also this one. It has been over a week and it hasn't been reviewed yet.

YinLe 2023-05-20

Hot catalysis direction
Submitted on April 22, 2023
Assigned Associate Editor Audrey Moores (known for extremely low efficiency according to previous evaluations, which seems to be true based on current observations)
In peer review status as of May 20, 2023 (submitted for external review for 28 days)

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