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yijinsha 2023-03-04

How long does it take to receive the feedback from the first review of your article? Has it been over six months?

yijinsha 2023-03-04

On February 13th, I submitted my paper and it went through two rounds of technical revisions. It wasn't until March 2nd that it was finally assigned a reference number. Looking at the published articles, some had a review process that lasted over a year, while others took 4-5 months. I hope mine will be faster, as I am eagerly awaiting graduation!

sharow 2022-11-06

It has been a week since submission, and it is still in the "submitted to journal" status without a manuscript number.

rr2013y 2022-08-29

My manuscript has been under review for over two months and there has been no response at all. I feel trapped and I'm not sure if it's necessary to withdraw it.

房子66 2022-07-04

The review process is extremely slow. After one year of submission, they informed me that the results did not match the research content of their magazine.

Jianing 2021-06-23

May I ask how it turned out? Did you receive any news?

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