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雪鲤鱼 2022-01-12

Submitted in July, received feedback in November, underwent major revisions. Four reviewers were consulted, each providing careful and detailed feedback. It took over a month to respond and make the necessary revisions. After the second review, minor revisions were made and acceptance was notified a few days later. The overall process took approximately six months.

ling浩 2021-07-20

May I ask, where can I find an Order Reference or Purchase Order Number (optional) for payment? If I don't fill it in, I won't be able to proceed to the next step. I'm not sure what to fill in here.

fenghonghong 2021-07-13

Submitted on July 25, 2020, the external review process began in August and continued until October 17th, awaiting my decision. After waiting for a month, I sent an email to remind them, and the editorial department replied, asking for recommended reviewers. Then, they recommended three reviewers, and the review process started again. On February 17th, 2021, I received major revisions, returned them on March 17th, and on March 19th, they requested ethical certification materials. Finally, on May 14th, I was notified of acceptance. It was difficult to find reviewers in the field of health economics, so it took a long time to find reviewers. Good luck to everyone.

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