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啤酒加薪 2021-04-13

May I ask what is the specific process for paying the layout fee? How do I get reimbursed, the key is?

木子宝宝 2021-04-12

Hello, did you pay 4500 RMB? Wasn't it 750 pounds?

自己人 2021-04-12

2021.02.23 Transfer from PPCP to RSC advances
2021.03.10 Revision comments: Both reviewers suggest minor revisions and additional experimental data.
2021.03.29 Acceptance
Finally met the graduation requirements. Although it is an open access (requires publication fee), it's great to graduate before the end of the third year of research.

希望这一次投稿一把中 2021-04-07

Hello, I would like to ask how much does it cost to submit a contribution?

希望这一次投稿一把中 2021-04-07

Hello, may I ask how much money it will cost to submit your contribution?

Aarion1209 2021-03-23

2.2 Checking submission and files
2.2 Initial assessment
2.3 With editor
2.3 in peer review
2.24 Major Revision
3.8 a revision has been submitted
3.9 With editor
3.9 in peer review
3.10 Minor Revision
3.18 a revision has been submitted
3.19 accept
The editor is very efficient, and the manuscript was reviewed in just over half a month, even during the Chinese New Year. During the process, the status of the manuscript switched between "in peer review" and "with editor" several times. After the initial assessment, major revisions were requested. In the second review, the editor assigned a reviewer for major revisions and pointed out some formatting issues.

薛定谔的豌豆 2021-03-19

The students were waiting for the article to be used and thought that everyone said RSC Adv was about to be submitted. Who knew that after submitting it on Friday, it was directly rejected by the editor without coming out over the weekend. The reason was surprisingly not enough chemistry. I am also speechless... But there is a blessing in disguise, as the editor's rejection was straightforward, it didn't waste our time. After making serious revisions, the submission was successfully accepted by 3M. 2021-03-14

Classmate, it's also a payment issue. I would like to ask for advice.

林林奥利给 2021-03-13

Is it always in the "with editor" status after submission? I have been waiting for a week and it is still in this status.

木子宝宝 2021-03-12

Hello classmate, may I ask about the follow-up payment issue? Could you please leave your WeChat ID? Thank you.

木子宝宝 2021-03-12

May I ask about the subsequent payment process? Thank you, and please leave your contact information.

hpppppw 2021-03-11

2019.04.25 Submission
2019.05.18 Suggested major revisions, need to include more experiments, editing level is acceptable. Will resubmit in about a month.
2019.07.04 Accepted
Similar to previous comments, this is also my first SCI article. The speed of this journal is indeed remarkable, and the issues raised by the editor were very pertinent. After providing detailed responses, the article was accepted directly. I am very grateful.

nicone 2021-03-09

The editor replied quickly and provided feedback within half a month. After making the necessary revisions, the paper was accepted. It is a very good journal.

MOF 2021-02-27

Hello, I would like to inquire about the payment for layout after the article is accepted and the subsequent online process.

想做学术的麒麟 2021-02-22

Everything has been completed, and it has been completed quite comprehensively. It is probably because it was completed so thoroughly that the acceptance was granted quickly after submitting the manuscript.

hcove 2021-02-21

I want to ask, have you completed all the experiments that need to be supplemented?

想做学术的麒麟 2021-02-05

2020.12.10 Submission (skipped twice between "with editor" and "in peer review")
2021.1.18 Major revisions requested by the editor. Three reviewers: two major revisions, one minor revision. Two reviewers requested additional characterization and some experiments.
2012.2.4 Re-submission.
2021.2.4 Accepted directly in the middle of the night (without review).
My first SCI paper in life, accepted on the first submission, worth celebrating!

xinxin8739 2021-02-03

2020.9.7 Submission (with editor mentioned twice in between)
2020.11.5 Major revision requested by the editor: One reviewer requested major revisions, while another rejected the submission.
2020.11.30 Revised manuscript resubmitted.
2021.1.28 Minor revision requested by the editor: One reviewer agreed, while another still insisted on rejecting. The editor sought the assistance of a senior editor for arbitration and the arbitration result was acceptance.
2021.2.1 Revised manuscript resubmitted.
2021.2.3 Accepted.

Thank you, editor! After graduating, I joined a relatively low-ranked institution where I had to change my research direction due to insufficient resources. It became difficult to publish my articles. Some of the reviewers who repeatedly rejected my submissions were a bit extreme and their demands were unreasonable. I responded politely and seriously to every comment, but they still insisted on rejecting. Fortunately, the editor showed mercy and arranged for arbitration for me. The editor did not send the revisions to the reviewer after the arbitration. This editor is really good, always submitting the manuscript for review promptly (it was sent for review the day after submission), while the reviewers always delayed their responses (taking nearly 2 months). We should still treat the reviewers' comments seriously, even if they reject the submission, as editors still consider their opinions and it helps build a good relationship with the editor. Just as the student below mentioned: even a low-quality SCI journal is still an SCI journal.

再也不搞科研 2021-01-27

The submission to OCF10 was rejected after 10 days. After receiving suggestions for revision from the editor, it was resubmitted to Rsc Advances. The article has been submitted many times and I am getting impatient. The graduate student just wants to graduate.
After resubmission, it was accepted directly within two weeks. Scientific research is too difficult, and I hope to leave some useful information for future generations. Keep going, researchers! I hope that in n years, the current state of scientific research in universities will no longer be like this.

MOF 2021-01-15

Have you received the review comments on your article?

louie7 2021-01-15

The text translates to:

I initially submitted to Nanoscale, but it was rejected by the editor. They suggested transferring it to RSC Advances.
December 10, 2020: Transferred submission.
December 31, 2020: Two reviewers provided feedback, one requiring minor revisions and the other requiring major revisions.
January 10, 2021: Submitted revised manuscript.
January 14, 2021: Manuscript accepted.
The process was fast, and it went smoothly, which is great as this is my last graduation paper.

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