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超越附体 2021-07-15

The submission was reviewed on the second day, and the feedback was received within 7 days.

遥远的她dh 2021-07-14

How long does it take to become "in peer review" after submission?

yesterday 2021-07-14

210501 投出 - Submitted on May 1, 2021
210620 大修 - Major revisions on June 20, 2021
210709 修回 - Revised on July 9, 2021
210713 接收 - Accepted on July 13, 2021

Overall, the review process was fast. It is likely that the article lacked sufficient innovative ideas, so it was difficult to find reviewers. It went through multiple rounds of peer review, but as long as the outcome was positive, it was acceptable. Even if the journal's impact factor is low, it still counts as a publication in a reputable scientific journal.

小雪 2021-07-14

I am too. I submitted it on June 28th and it went through peer review once. Now, it has been with the editor for a while and I don't know what is happening.

秋夜雨 2021-07-13

May I ask if your side has been "with editor" from 6.22-7.5? I submitted mine on 6.21 and haven't received any updates yet, although it did show "in peer review" twice during that time.

李毛毛 2021-07-09

I am paying online, it only takes 2 minutes to complete.

电化学之光 2021-07-06

It should be the editor looking for an external review expert. Sometimes, if the expert does not want to review the manuscript, they have to find someone else and wait again.

moon 2021-07-06

It has been a month and it is still under external review, not as fast as others have said.

悟空爵爵 2021-07-02

How do I make payment? I still don't understand the payment methods.

悟空爵爵 2021-07-02

May I ask how you made the payment? I chose to pay with an invoice and received an email similar to a receipt. I'm not sure what to do next. How did you make the payment?

悟空爵爵 2021-07-02

The review period is two weeks, with two reviewers. One major revision and one minor revision were suggested. The editor requested a major revision, and after the revision is completed within half a month, it will be accepted directly. One week after acceptance, it will be published.

李毛毛 2021-07-01

The speed is fast, and the payment is convenient.

moon 2021-06-30

It has been a month and I am still reviewing.


2021-06-24 With Editor
Until now, there is no news. How long does it usually take to be in peer review?

超越附体 2021-06-28

Hello, have you paid now?

长夜长夜 2021-06-28

5.6 submit
5.6 peer review
5.17 major revision
6.4 resubmit
6.14 major revision
6.22 resubmit
6.23 accept

The first SCI paper went through a total of four rejections before finally being accepted. I am grateful to the editor for their highly efficient handling of the process.

忆一怡 2021-06-23

Hello, may I ask if you also resubmitted your manuscript after revisions?

淘粉吧保洁工 2021-06-16

There have been no initial opinions since the submission on 4.29.
The peer review and editor have changed about ten times in the past two months.
Maybe they couldn't find a reviewer.

bamboo2021 2021-06-05

Does the publication fee for research papers amount to 750 pounds?

jiyouan 2021-06-03

2021.4.29 Submission
2021.5.14 Major revision
2021.5.20 Submit reply
2021.5.21 Accepted
2021.5.23 Payment
2021.6.2 Proof released
This journal is really fast. Even a low-quality SCI is still SCI.
Best wishes to everyone.

忆一怡 2021-05-27

After submitting an article to RSC, STAYUS has become "Reject & Resubmit". The three reviewers rejected the manuscript, one with major revisions suggested, and another with minor revisions. The editor's suggestion was to reject the manuscript but allow for resubmission. If you choose to resubmit your manuscript, please include a detailed response addressing each of the reviewers' comments and highlight the changes you have made. Does this mean it requires major revisions?

李狗蛋 2021-05-26

750 pounds, more than 7,000 Chinese yuan. Whether you can apply for a discount depends on whether your team is listed on the official website as eligible for discount. Generally, if it is not listed, you cannot apply for a discount.

bamboo2021 2021-05-23

How much is the final layout fee? Can I apply for a complete waiver or discount?

bamboo2021 2021-05-23

How much is the final layout fee? Can I apply for full exemption or a discount?

bamboo2021 2021-05-23

How much is the final layout fee?

李狗蛋 2021-05-13

I may be unlucky in the comment section.
Submitted on 3.21
With editor on 3.24
In peer review on 3.27
Major and minor revisions on 4.12, the reviewer for major revisions raised practical application issues, over 30 questions were raised, and the editor requested major revisions.
Revised on 4.23
Sent to the reviewer for major revisions on 4.27
Reviewer for major revisions continued to focus on practical application and requested major revisions, editor requested major revisions.
Revised on 5.5
Minor revisions on 5.10
Revised on 5.11
Accepted on 5.13
Overall, I can only say the process was fast, but it depends on luck with the reviewers. Thankfully, the reviewer's temperament was good, and there were a few questions I insisted on not changing, and I was passed after the third review.

Jassy 2021-04-30

After 2 weeks of submission, the reviewer provided feedback promptly. The reviewer's feedback consisted of major revisions and minor revisions. Due to the winter break, an extension of time was requested for the major revisions. After resubmission, the reviewer provided feedback for the minor revisions after 3 weeks. The results were obtained quickly after the minor revisions were made.

Jassy 2021-04-30

A reply will be received in just 2 weeks.

淘粉吧保洁工 2021-04-28

How many days does it usually take for peer review?

AlCu2764 2021-04-21

3.12 Submit
3.15 With editor
3.15 In peer review
3.26 Major Revision
4.13 Resubmit
4.15 Minor Revision
4.16 Resubmit
4.19 Accept

The paper I submitted to Energy & Fuels was thoroughly criticized by four reviewers.

After making revisions, I submitted it to RSC Advances (which is said to be faster...).

Indeed, RSC Advances lives up to its reputation for efficiency...

The first review took two weeks, with two reviewers suggesting major and minor revisions.

After making the revisions, I received minor revisions within two days of the second review, and accepted two days after resubmission~~
(During this time, I was busy with coursework for two weeks and received a reminder. My first-year struggles were exposed hhh)

The editor is super nice and extremely efficient. The speed of the review was even faster than my speed of revising the paper ~O(∩_∩)O~

By the way, the editor doesn't work on weekends, so if you submit on Friday, it will usually be processed by the following Monday.

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