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willoas 2021-10-04

2021.10.4 in peer review

willoas 2021-10-03

October 2, 2021 with editor
This time was fast, I feel like there is a high probability of being rejected by the reviewer.

初夏 2021-09-29

8-29 submission
9.15 reviewer's comments
9.26 revised version returned
9.27 acceptance
9.28 payment made

谷底 2021-09-28

How is your article now? Has it been reminded in the middle?

曾威龙 2021-09-28

Hello, may I ask if the article has been accepted in the end? Is there any need to urge the editor?

曾威龙 2021-09-28

Hello classmate, may I ask if your article was eventually accepted? How long did it take?

willoas 2021-09-28

2021.9.28 in peer review translates to "September 28, 2021, under peer review" in English.

willoas 2021-09-25

9.15 transferred from PCCP recommendation
9.17 with editor
9.18 in peer review
9.25 with editor

是多少1001 2021-09-14

Will this journal be pre-warned this year? The majority of the publication's content is focused on Chinese people.

zhd236 2021-09-14

Can I still make modifications after providing proof?

zhd236 2021-09-12

The text "9.12 accepted" is already in English.

chan_andy 2021-09-12

Other magazines under RSC have transferred to here. After submitting the article for review, the first feedback was received very quickly. The reviewers were very professional and had many questions. I feel that the requirements for the article have not decreased just because it is an open-access journal.

leihai 2021-09-08

7.11 Submission
7.18 Review
8.29 Minor revision
8.31 Return for revision
9.2 Resubmission
9.7 Acceptance

zhd236 2021-09-08

7.19 Submission
8.16 Major revision
9.2 Return
9.7 In peer review

Nido 2021-09-05

2021.6.22: Submitted; Checking submission and files;
2021.6.22-2021.7.18: With editor;
2021.7.18: In peer review;
2021.7.19: With editor;
2021.7.20-2021.8.2: In peer review;
2021.8.3-2021.8.21: Major revision;
2021.8.22: A revision has been submitted; Checking submission and files;
2021.8.23-2021.8.26: With editor;
2021.8.26-2021.9.5: In peer review;
2021.9.5: Accepted;

Shi Chun-Tian 2021-09-04

6.30 Submission
8.6 Reviewer's comments
8.20 Revision
8.23 Acceptance
8.26 Payment
8.31 Proofing
9.1 Proof submission for review
9.3 Online publication
The speed is extremely fast, and the editing efficiency is high. Finally, I don't have to worry about graduation.

路过蜻蜓 2021-09-01

Comrade, how are you doing? They say the review process is fast, but I am in the same situation as you.

Apple1 2021-09-01

I would like to ask about payment related matters. I have already sent a friend request, can we discuss it in detail?

Apple1 2021-09-01

The review and review speed are both fast, and the editorial opinions are very fair.

匿名 2021-08-26

August 26 With Editor

Shi Chun-Tian 2021-08-25

6.30 Submission
8.6 Reviewer's comments
8.20 Revision
8.23 Acceptance

Holly 2021-08-25

May I ask if there will be any receipt or similar documents for reimbursement after payment?

匿名 2021-08-24

August 19 submission
August 20 in peer review

kitee41 2021-08-24

I hear everyone saying that this journal is fast, but I submitted my manuscript on May 20th. There have been two instances of "with editor" and "in peer review" during the process. Since the end of June, it has been consistently in the "in peer review" status. I am anxiously waiting.

Holly 2021-08-21

Submission Experience:
July 17, 2021 - Submitted
August 2, 2021 - Minor revisions
August 17, 2021 - Revised
August 20, 2021 - Accepted
The review comments came in just half a month after submission, the review process was fast, and the editor was very nice. The reviewers' questions were also very professional. After careful modifications, the article improved significantly. Thanks to the editor and reviewers. Those in a hurry to graduate and need an article can consider this journal.

Submit 2021-07-29

2021.5.4 Submission
2021.6.30 Minor revision
2021.7.25 Major revision
2021.7.28 Accepted

不太拗口的科研小白名 2021-07-27

In the middle, there appeared "in peer review," and then it went back to the editor. This is because some reviewers did not accept the review, so it is necessary to find new reviewers.

sunnybitc 2021-07-27

Submitted on July 23rd, discovered it was under review early morning on July 27th. Hoping for good luck~

超越附体 2021-07-22

In early May, I submitted a nanoscale paper, but it was extremely slow and did not pass the initial review. The editor rejected it at the end of the month and suggested submitting to RSC Advances. Feeling dissatisfied, I tried submitting to NJC, but it was rejected without even going through the initial evaluation because I didn't use their template. I resubmitted with the template, but it was also rejected without being sent for review.

On June 2nd, I submitted to RSC (using their template).
On June 3rd, it went for review.
On June 11th, major revisions were requested.
On June 30th, I made the revisions.
On July 1st, it was accepted.
On July 14th, I received the final proofreading.
On July 16th, it was first published.
It is estimated that it will be indexed in the 40th issue on July 17th. It should be retrievable in about a month.

秋夜雨 2021-07-21

Hello everyone, this is my first time submitting to an open-access journal. I would like to ask whether the publication fee is paid after the article is accepted or is it returned along with the revised manuscript?

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