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呱呱牛 2022-08-15

5.28 checking submission and file
5.29 initial assessment
5.30 with editor
5.31 in peer review
7.6 major revisions (two reviewers, one major revision, one minor revision, 7 comments each)
7.14 resubmission with editor
7.21 in peer review
8.12 accepted.

ncuxu 2022-08-10

Already online. Probably one to two weeks.

没有伞的孩子 2022-08-01

Hello, how long does it take to go online after payment? I have already paid but still not online.

shen 2022-07-31

2022.05.14 Submission
06.14 First round of review comments returned, two major revisions and one rejection
06.26 Revised
07.19 Minor revisions, incorporating the response to the review comments into the article
Revised on the same day
07.20 Accepted

ncuxu 2022-07-26

5.30 Checking submission and file
5.31 Initial assessment
5.31 With editor
6.1 In peer review
6.6 With editor
6.9 In peer review
6.13 With editor
6.14 In peer review
6.30 In peer review
7.1 Major revisions (two reviewers, one major revision, one minor revision, each with 5 comments)
7.14 Revision with editor
7.20 In peer review
7.25 Accept.
Super thanks to Associate Editor Dr. Rawil Fakhrulin for the quick efficiency. Wishing Rsc advance continued success.

zxr20786 2022-07-18

APC: 850 pounds

Wahasiki 2022-07-08

December 27, 2021, Post
February 4, 2022, Reject & Resubmit
February 24, 2022, Resubmit
March 10, 2022, Accept

zxr20786 2022-07-06

RSC advances has achieved a latest impact factor of 4.0 and has also reached the third quartile. We hope to return to the second quartile this year.

Submitted on May 25th;
Major revisions on June 25th; received comments from two reviewers, with a total of 15 suggestions;
Revised manuscript sent back on June 30th;
Second major revisions on July 2nd; received comments from one reviewer, with 5 suggestions;
Revised manuscript sent back on July 4th;
Accepted on July 6th.

manners 2022-06-30

5.13 submitted
5.17 with editor
5.25 in peer reviewer
6.3 major revision (three reviewers, over 30 comments including linguistic and stylistic suggestions, all very detailed)
6.22 a revision has been submitted (revised the article, added one representation)
6.23 with editor
6.27 in peer review
6.30 accepted

四水门 2022-06-23

2022.5.16 Submission
2022.6.6 Raise 7 questions
2022.6.18 Submit after answering
2022.6.23 Accept!

111要加油呀 2022-06-23

What is the current layout fee?

penny13 2022-06-05

2022.04.03 Submitted
2022.04.17 Major Revision
2022.05.03 A revision has been submitted
2022.05.19 Minor Revision
2022.05.20 A revision has been submitted
2022.05.23 Accept

YYDS-YYDS 2022-06-02

Are there any classmates who have experience in reviewing manuscripts? I seek assistance and guidance. Thank you. QQ: 726580277

小欧 2022-05-29

Four days after submission, it was rejected. It can be said that the speed is really fast.

12456 2022-05-16

Ah, waiting is so frustrating. Originally, I chose this journal because it had a fast review process. I submitted it on February 23rd, and didn't receive the first review until May 4th. The first reviewer was really unethical. They accepted the review, but then delayed it for over a month without actually reviewing it. This caused a two-month delay overall, and I'm extremely annoyed.

- Submitted on February 23rd
- Under review by editor on February 24th
- In peer review on March 5th
- With editor on March 7th
- In peer review on March 8th
- With editor on April 5th
- After several attempts, finally found a reviewer
- In peer review on April 13th
- Minor revision on May 4th
- Revision submitted on May 11th
- Accepted on May 11th

Afterwards, things went quickly, it was just the first reviewer who caused a significant delay.

水杉 2022-05-07

2021.10.23 Submission
2021.11.16 Reject & Resubmit One reviewer rejected the submission, while another reviewer suggested major revisions. The editor requested a resubmission after incorporating the suggested changes.
2022.02.02 Revised
2022.02.22 Major revisions One reviewer recommended major revisions, which were accepted by another reviewer.
2022.03.14 Revised
2022.04.04 Accept
Overall, the journal is very efficient and speedy. It does not waste any time. The reviewers also provide constructive feedback. As for the quality of the journal, some people say it is average. However, for newcomers in the field of environmental studies, this Tier 3 journal is a good choice.

学术小钢炮 2022-04-09

Did it take four months for the first trial? Why did it take so long?

111要加油呀 2022-04-08

12.21 Submission
4.5 Major revision
4.7 Revised
4.8 Accepted

tt0000000 2022-04-07

12.5 Submission
1.07 Reminder
1.27 Major revision (2 reviewers)
3.10 Revision (delayed due to Chinese New Year and the pandemic)
3.15 Minor revision (3rd reviewer)
3.30 Revision again (unable to conduct experiments due to another wave of the pandemic)
4.07 Accepted

石头先生 2022-03-25

I hope it gets better and better.

只想一篇文章毕业 2022-03-24

Hello, may I ask how much is the total cost for submitting an article to this journal now?

zxr20786 2022-03-23

2022.03.18 Submission
Rejected directly on 03.23

科研人666 2022-03-19

How much does this journal cost? Please tell me, experts.

Yuanshuo 2022-03-15

21.12.24 Christmas PCCP transferred to RSC Adv
22.02.14 The fourteenth day of the first lunar month Major Revision
22.03.02 A revision has been submitted
22.03.11 Accept

兜兜里的豆豆 2022-03-02

The speed is very fast, and it's very good.
Submitted on January 19, 2022.
Revised on February 8, 2022, with three minor revisions.
Then I procrastinated for 20 days before sending it back for repairs, and it was accepted on the third day after being repaired. If there was no procrastination, the normal review and acceptance process would have taken one month. 2022-02-12

11.2 Submission, possibly unable to find suitable reviewers, multiple changes, review took nearly 3 months.
1.28 Revised comments, opinions from three reviewers, two major revisions and one resubmission.
2.8-12 Editor requested revised manuscript.
2.16 Submitted revised manuscript for review.
2.25 Accepted.
Overall, the process was fairly fast with a short review cycle. The 3-month duration was unexpected (as explained by the editor). The overall difficulty was not high, and with careful revisions, acceptance was smooth.

累了来局英雄联盟吧 2022-01-21

There are three reviewers, and the questions they asked were very sharp, ones that I couldn't answer. It is not easy just because it is open source. Thanks to the editor for giving me the opportunity for major revisions. The RSC impact factor also keeps increasing every year, which is related to strict reviewing. The process is also not short, taking three to four months. I hope the journal will continue to improve.

冰魄123 2022-01-21

Click on the link for layout fees in the email and make direct payment using Visa credit card.

luyuan1994 2022-01-20

Are there any classmates who can help with reviewing fees? Please guide me. Thank you. QQ: 1269683703.

三年啊 2022-01-20

Hello, can I add a contact information? Scratch Scratch 1451836972.

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