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nnnnnn 2023-08-05

The editor forgot to update the status, and now this status should have received reviewer comments.

~审稿人~ 2023-08-03

First issue of the supplementary journal!
First review takes 3 months, second review takes 2 months, and third review takes 2 months!
Hope the journal will improve more and more!!!

中科院岳麓山实验室院长 2023-08-02

Uncomfortable, hhh.

yongwu 2023-08-01

The following text translated into English is:

Manuscript under consideration - 31st July 23
Editor Assigned - 31st July 23
Manuscript submitted - 29th July 23
Submission in process - 29th July 23

荆材绝伦 2023-07-31

May I ask how many reviewers and how many rejections?

shanmama 2023-07-27

Did a pretty amazing study, let's try submitting it to NC.
624: Submitted
630: Manuscript under consideration
Suddenly updated three things on 7.26:
Manuscript Under Consideration: 26th Jul 23
Review Complete: 26th Jul 23
All Reviewers Assigned: 26th Jul 23
How did these three things update all at once? I'm confused...

简简单单123 2023-07-27

Yes, directly received.

ceragel 2023-07-26

Brother, regarding your rejection and revision, did you give the rejected manuscript to the same reviewer for reevaluation? Did you not send it to the editor afterwards for further review? Is it sufficient for both reviewers to agree to accept it?

彻夜星辰 2023-07-12

Second review
19th June 23
Manuscript under consideration 11th June 23
Review Complete 11th June 23
All Reviewers Assigned 31st May 23
Manuscript under consideration 31st May 23
Editor Assigned 30th May 23
Manuscript submitted 30th May 23
Manuscript Deleted 18th March 23
Submission in process 15th March 23
Submission went smoothly, accepted after two rounds of review.

彻夜星辰 2023-07-12

First review
14th March 23

Manuscript under consideration
9th March 23

Review Complete
9th March 23

All Reviewers Assigned
22nd February 23

Manuscript under consideration
1st February 23

Contacting Potential Reviewers
30th January 23

Manuscript under consideration
20th January 23

Editor Assigned
20th January 23

Manuscript submitted
20th January 23

Submission in process
18th January 23

简简单单123 2023-07-08

Submitted in late October 2022, an email notification will be sent for review after approximately 9 days. The first round of review results will be provided in late December, with a review process of approximately 48 days. There will be one rejection and two minor revisions suggested. The author will be given 3 months to revise the manuscript. After a month of revision, a response to the first round of review comments will be provided in late January, approximately 1 month later. In late January, the rejected submissions will still be rejected, but the two minor revisions will be accepted, and the editor will give conditional acceptance. The subsequent steps involve editing the graphics and language, and formal acceptance will take place in mid-March, with a total review period of approximately 5 months. It is indeed a bit slow.

GTOTHED 2023-06-30

May I ask how long it takes to receive the invoice notification?

GTOTHED 2023-06-29

May I ask if you are the layout fee for invoice payment? How long does it take to receive the link?

小松子 2023-06-23

Hello, I would like to ask if Nature Communications has a Latex template?

Shaun 2023-06-22

I would like to ask you a question, experts. Is it necessary to disclose one's experimental data in an NC article? Because I collaborated with someone on the data, they may need the code and data for their future articles, so I prefer not to disclose it for now. Can it be like other journals and not be disclosed?

Runx 2023-06-14

Third round review: accept
May 24th, 2023 - Manuscript submitted
May 24th, 2023 - Editor assigned
June 5th, 2023 - Manuscript under consideration
June 6th, 2023
Accepted in the third round of review.

In general, for computer and engineering technology, nc is still very difficult. The results are usually released in about 1-2 months per submission, which is relatively fast compared to IEEE journals. However, the revision period is very long and every comment must be taken very seriously. The reviewers are experts in the field, and the review process is very meticulous. Even in positive feedback, they provided more than 40 comments, which were all insightful!

Runx 2023-06-14

Second round review: in principle
April 13th, 2023, Manuscript submitted
April 13th, 2023, Editor Assigned
April 14th, 2023, Manuscript under consideration
April 17th, 2023, All Reviewers Assigned
May 6th, 2023, Review Complete
May 6th, 2023, Manuscript under consideration
May 12th, 2023
The second review gave a conditional acceptance, with modifications made to the paper format, especially the images.

Runx 2023-06-14

The first review recommended major revisions, with a total of more than 40 comments from three reviewers. The overall feedback was quite positive, and the authors were given three months to make the revisions. The revision process took four months (including a one-month extension requested by the editor). Many additional experiments were conducted and significant adjustments were made to the paper's structure.

Runx 2023-06-14

Share the recent timeline and status changes of an NC submission, which took more than 9 months from submission to online publication, with a total of 3 reviewers.

Round 1 Review: major revision
October 20, 2022 - Manuscript submitted
October 20, 2022 - Editor Assigned
October 20, 2022 - Manuscript under consideration
November 1, 2022 - Contacting Potential Reviewers
November 1, 2022 - Manuscript under consideration
November 14, 2022 - All Reviewers Assigned
December 7, 2022 - Review Complete
December 7, 2022 - Manuscript under consideration
December 14, 2022 - [Status Unknown]

缺舟一帆渡 2023-06-13

Excuse me, may I ask if the original poster was transferred to NC by the editor or if they transferred themselves?

之江er 2023-06-13

Rejected by Nature Materials after 14 days without review, transferred to NC.
6.13 Manuscript submitted
6.14 Editor Assigned
6.14 Manuscript under consideration
6.23 Contacting Potential Reviewers, received email notification for review
6.27 Manuscript under consideration
7.11 All Reviewers Assigned
7.20 Revision, received nearly 70 comments from three reviewers, reviewers were meticulous and professional, clearly colleagues in the same field.
- Currently undergoing revisions -

米朗凯奇 2023-06-12

Not an ordinary slowness. Not recommended for submission. If it is truly a good magazine as some people say, the review period would not be very long.

咳咳咳咳 2023-06-11

Hasn't it been submitted for review yet, OP?

夕阳鲸岛2 2023-06-11

13 days without submission 0-0

咳咳咳咳 2023-06-09

Did you submit it for review? It's been a long time.

咳咳咳咳 2023-06-09

How is your thesis going, OP? Is it progressing slowly?

咳咳咳咳 2023-06-09

How is your thesis going now, OP?

gloria0826 2023-06-09

Hello, is there a result?

gloria0826 2023-06-09

The current status is:
Manuscript under consideration - May 30, 2023
Editor Assigned - May 30, 2023
Manuscript submitted - May 29, 2023
Submission in process - May 28, 2023

夕阳鲸岛2 2023-06-08

Posted for 10 days, it has been in the hands of the editor for 8 days, and there is still no news of review or rejection. I hope it can be reviewed.

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