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糯米丸子皮卡丘 2023-04-28

May I ask which editor the original poster has chosen? I want to avoid any pitfalls.

韩韩韩512 2023-04-26

I replied to the editor, stating that both reviewers are experts, but they did not question my appeal and did not answer any of my questions. It was the worst submission experience, and I don't want to submit to this journal anymore. The editor is extremely irresponsible. If anyone plans to submit, I suggest avoiding this German editor.

韩韩韩512 2023-04-25

Posting one month's worth of review comments is considered fast. However, none of the fatal comments are reasonable, and it feels like they were not carefully reviewed based on my manuscript. I can provide sufficient reasons to refute each point. I wrote an appeal letter to the editor a week ago, but I haven't received any response yet. At least, they should reply something! I guess I will have to submit to another journal again! I really hate this careless reviewer who overturned all my arguments with one point they deemed unreasonable.

松间的烟火 2022-01-14

When submitting, you must choose one editor-in-chief. I don't know if I chose the wrong editor-in-chief, but the article was rejected the day after submission. The efficiency is really high! The rejection letter stated that the readership of the article is not broad enough and suggested submitting it to a more suitable journal.

ylx 2021-08-31

The journal has a fast review process, and the editors are very responsible, meticulous, and diligent.

小七 2021-08-02

It has been almost two months since I submitted, but it is still with the editor. What's the situation?

szw 2021-01-28

The editor did not investigate the details, only focusing on the experiment. They felt that it was done insufficiently and incompletely, unable to explain the problem. They felt that the requirements were quite high, making it difficult to meet.

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