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moz 2023-07-28

Submitted on March 5th, revised on April 2nd, resubmitted on April 20th, and accepted on May 4th. The reviewer was very professional and the questions raised were helpful in improving the paper. The editor was also friendly and worth recommending. I have submitted to this journal during my PhD studies, and it was also accepted within a month.

ljdtx 2023-07-27

The first submission of a first-year graduate student, summer vacation passed and now it's the second year of graduate school.
7.28 Submitted to Journal
7.29 with editor
7.31 Still with editor
8.1 Still with editor
Come on, brother, let's get it reviewed quickly. Even major revisions are fine, just don't reject it.
8.4 Still with editor
The annual number of submissions is just over four hundred. How come it's taking so long with the editor?

小七 2023-07-20

It has been half a month already, and still with the editor. Is there anyone who knows what's going on?

苦逼大田种地人 2023-06-22

When I saw that Journal of Plant Physiology had been downgraded, my partner and I instantly thought about the articles we had previously published in this journal. We quickly came to have a look, fortunately, it is still in the second tier. I was really afraid that the Chinese Academy of Sciences would do some mysterious operation. Overall, the review requirements of this journal are very strict, and the three reviewers' comments were very fair and inspiring. I hereby post this to pray for my article to be promoted to a higher tier in the Journal of Plant Physiology!!

源来是洲董 2023-06-08

Does publishing in a specialized journal affect the recognition of university awards and such?

chenxunfeng 2023-06-05

A very pleasant submission experience, responsible editor, and fast speed.
Specific timeline:
2023.2.27, submitted to Journal
2023.2.28, with editor
2023.3.1, under review
2023.4.4, major revision, 3
2023.5.15, revision submission
2023.5.17, under review
2023.5.23, request review completed, 2
2023.5.23, Decision in Process
2023.5.29, accept
2023.5.30, proof
2023.6.1, online
The editor is Marcel Jansen, and the special editor is Weitao Liu, Fayuan Wang.
The impact of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the growth of corn in cadmium-arsenic co-contaminated soil. DOI:
My research focus is soil remediation, environmental behavior of nanomaterials, and plant stress regulation. Welcome to exchange and guidance from fellow researchers at

沈兵琪 2022-08-26

Apr 25, 2022 Submitted
Aug 17, 2022 Completed - Accept

zoutianya 2022-08-26

It has been over a month, and I still haven't found a reviewer to accept it. When you couldn't find a reviewer during the first month of external review, did you send an email to the editor?

huahua的花 2022-08-15

Dear senior brothers, senior sisters, junior brothers, and junior sisters, can this magazine have three reviewers?

土豆丸子 2022-08-04

Already invested 6 days, looking for editing...

莉莉ll 2022-08-04

It has been over 20 days and we still haven't found a reviewer.

Plant and Soil 2022-07-12

Botany 2nd Zone Classic Publication, responsible editor, fair review comments, satisfactory speed, trustworthy.

sunshine_n 2022-06-30

After the submission of the manuscript, it quickly went into external review. During the first month of external review, no reviewer was found, and the status was frequently changed. After another two months, the review comments were received, suggesting minor revisions. The given time for modifications was one month at the longest. After completing the revisions, the manuscript was resubmitted. After approximately three to four weeks, the status was changed to accepted.

孟德尔的小豌豆 2022-05-31

Has your external review finished?

huahua的花 2022-05-25

The first review process takes about 2 months.

其实,楠木可以 2022-05-23

After being submitted, what is the duration of the external audit cycle?

其实,楠木可以 2022-05-23

I would like to ask, is the external audit exactly two months?

huahua的花 2022-05-08

I would like to ask everyone, how long does it usually take for external review after modification? This is my first major revision and one reviewer had no issues, but the other reviewer requested another major revision. It has been 2 weeks since I made the revisions and I haven't received any news. I'm getting anxious.

huahua的花 2022-04-20

The plagiarism detection rate should be around 30%, right? My classmate's 32% was directly rejected.

wennie65 2022-04-17

Excuse me, do you have any news?

Bohan123 2022-03-31

2022.3.8 submit to journal
2022.3.11 under review
2022.3.15 under review
2022.3.21 under review
2022.3.30 under review
Hope for a good outcome.

Pantaowen 2021-12-27

I would like to ask, what is the plagiarism detection requirement for this journal? Thank you.

好运0302 2021-12-13

Give feedback in about two months, minor revisions.
Return in one week, receive after two weeks of review.
Online in one week.
Indeed quite fast.

lizhenyily 2021-11-24

2021.9.28 Submission
2021.10.15 Major revision
2021.11.15 Minor revision
2021.11.22 Minor revision
2021.11.23 Minor revision
2021.11.24 Acceptance
In less than two months, the speed is super fast. The second revision gave the reviewers a week's time, but it feels like most of the time was wasted on personal article revisions. It could have been faster. The opinions of the three reviewers were detailed and extensive, with 3000 words. They were meticulous and responsible, with an absolutely top-notch reviewing attitude. I hope to be online soon.

谷谷谷谷 2021-11-01

Do you have any suggestions?

lizhenyily 2021-11-01

2021.9.28 Posting
2021.10.15 Major renovation

桔梗花 2021-06-30

2区,基础版2年后就不用了 translates to "Zone 2, the basic version will no longer be needed after 2 years."

love & peace 2021-05-01

My work was processed by AE, and the reviewer requested additional data and analysis. The editor provided major revisions.

无寿国的期票 2021-03-30

Hello, is your manuscript being handled by the editor-in-chief? Did both reviewers suggest major revisions?

love & peace 2021-03-26

2021.01.04 submitted to journal
2021.01.05 with editor
2021.01.08 under review
2021.01.11 under review
2021.01.12 under review
2021.01.26 required reviews completed
2021.01.27 major revision
2021.03.03 revision submitted (with editor)
2021.03.09 under review
2021.03.22 required reviews completed
2021.03.24 accept

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