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林夕 2022-12-23

The text "30%是水刊分界线" translates to "30% is the water content boundary" in English.

林夕 2022-12-23

According to the statistical results of 2020, Chinese researchers accounted for 28.494% of the publications in the journal Plant Physiology, ranking second. However, based on the statistical results of 2021, Chinese researchers accounted for 38.142% of the publications in the journal Plant Journal, ranking first. Additionally, in the journal New Phytologist, Chinese researchers accounted for 29.683% of the publications, ranking second. In 2022, Chinese researchers accounted for 63.27% of the total number of publications in the journal PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, which is an increase from 57.95% in 2019, placing them in the top position.

晨2022 2022-05-01

Hello! Has your submitted article been accepted?

孺子牛ruziniu 2022-03-14

Awaiting Contributing Author Confirmation means "waiting for confirmation from the contributing author."

孺子牛ruziniu 2022-03-12

Are there any specific submission format requirements for this journal?

孺子牛ruziniu 2022-03-12

Is there a specific submission format for this journal?

科研狗小白 2022-02-12

The upgraded version in 2022 is in Zone 1.

genes 2021-12-23

How did it become directly included in the second district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences now? Such a prestigious journal!!

李庆 2021-11-10

How long does the original poster usually take to receive the comments from the reviewers?

fanfan906 2021-10-12

There are now too many good articles. The quality of journals is also very good, and even many surpass Plant Physiology. It is becoming increasingly difficult to publish articles. Come on, comrades!

北山以北花满山 2021-08-31

What is the so-called Botanical Zone 1?

summersummer 2021-08-20

Still doing experiments, haven't started over yet, thank you haha.

fanfan906 2021-07-22

Do you have any news about your resubmission? How long did the review take? Did the original reviewer ask for additional data?

summersummer 2021-07-20

Is there a high possibility of being rejected for a second submission after being encouraged to resubmit following the rejection of the initial submission?

小秤砣麻麻 2021-04-18

Hello, may I ask if it is necessary to submit the original data when investing in PP now?

牛牛牛~~~ 2021-03-10

Has your opinion come back? How many days after submission will it be reviewed?

科研狗小白 2021-02-01

PLANT PHYSIOLOGY PJ PC is indeed a traditional and classic journal in the field of plant biology. It is not easy to get published in it and requires multiple revisions. Good luck!

亮08 2021-01-22

A pathological person, who has no ability to write or submit papers, and also has very little research funding, constantly clashes with plant-oriented journals.

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