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David zhou 2023-07-20

This is a botanical journal. In the era of general inflation, the profound reason behind it is the impetuousness of scientific research. Journals such as Plant Journal PC, PJ, PP, NP have low entry barriers and low intellectual cost for imitation. However, more technically advanced journals like IF cannot reach the same level.

张晓梅 2023-04-13

Excuse me, how can I check the proportion of Chinese articles? The website I used to use for this is no longer allowing access to the information.

林夕 2022-12-23

According to the statistics of 2020, the proportion of Chinese researchers' publications in the journal Plant Physiology was 28.494%, ranking second. From the statistics of 2021, the proportion of Chinese researchers' publications in the journal Plant Journal was 38.142%, ranking first. From the statistics of 2021, the proportion of Chinese researchers' publications in the journal New Phytologist was 29.683%, ranking second. In 2022, Chinese researchers' articles accounted for 63.27% of the total number of articles in the journal Plant Biotechnology Journal (compared to 57.95% in 2019), ranking first.

30% is the international standard for distinguishing between reputable and non-reputable journals, regardless of how prestigious they were in the past!

gggggggyyyyyyy 2022-12-19

The status of my submission alternates between "With editor" and "Under review" every week. It has already gone through two rounds of alternation. I would like to ask fellow senior colleagues, what is the situation?

song 2022-12-19

Is it true that you think Molecular Plant Pathology is not bad? Why do I feel that many articles have a lot of loopholes? I haven't found many top-notch editors or foreign bosses recommending this journal to me. At best, it can be considered a second or third-rate journal.

song 2022-12-19

After browsing the forum for a whole day, I found that scholars from both domestic and foreign countries have completely different opinions about the magazine. PJ is indeed a very good magazine, but it really can't compare to PLOS Genetics in the Western academic circle. The PLOS series, except for PLOS One, are all top-tier magazines. Since when did Molecular Plant Pathology become a good magazine? I am really confused about this. Those who are not up to par should try MPIM first. That is a professional journal.

song 2022-12-19

Stop arguing about this. In the Western academic circle, PLOS Genetics is indeed much better than The Plant Journal.

洛哥132 2021-07-11

Borrowing the thread to ask the original poster and esteemed seniors, have you encountered a situation where a paper was rejected in July 2021 but encouraged to resubmit? What was the subsequent process like? Was it necessary to send it to external experts for review again? Did you seek different experts or the same ones as before? After making the best possible revisions, were you eventually accepted?

YTJZ 2021-02-27

Hello, I would like to ask if PJ does not have major repairs, only minor repairs and estimated re-investment.

storyhare 2021-01-13

You said that plant cell is top-tier, but I don't think that's correct. Our perception of PC is just that it has higher requirements for integrity and generally doesn't seek novelty deliberately. Nowadays, the difficulty of submitting to Molecular Plant is even higher than PC. I feel that the prestigious journal in the field of plant science should be Nature Plants. The difficulty of submitting to this journal seems much harder than PC. In our lab, good articles can always be sent for review in PC, but many papers may not even be able to be submitted to NP.

storyhare 2021-01-13

What you said seems incorrect. Our laboratory submitted a paper on RLKs' involvement in plant response to adversity to Plant Physiology last year. It went through two rounds of revisions and rejections before finally being accepted by PJ. Therefore, I believe that PP might have a slight advantage over PJ, and the difficulty of submission may also be higher than PJ. However, of course, one experience cannot prove anything.

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