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donglixue 2023-06-05

Knowing the proportion of Chinese people will give you an idea of the standards of this journal.

小脑虎 2023-02-28

Brother, hey, after your article was accepted, is it available online? Did you contact the doctor mentioned in the email who said it could be published quickly?

aaaa 2023-02-27

The editor is quite responsible. In the first review, one of the reviewers clearly did not read carefully and made unreasonable demands. The editor summarized the review comments again, requested additional experiments, and revised the article. The article underwent major revisions, was rejected, and resubmitted, and eventually accepted.

林夕 2022-12-23

I looked through the published articles during self-study, and these journals are really biased! For example, in the case of New Phytologist, only 30% of the authors are Chinese. In reality, research articles are over 50%. The rest of the reviews are probably invited submissions, all from foreigners. They want to both benefit from and target Chinese researchers, without letting the Chinese presence tarnish their reputation.

林夕 2022-12-23

According to the statistical results of 2020, Chinese researchers accounted for 28.494% of the publications in the journal Plant Physiology, ranking second. However, in the statistical results of 2021, Chinese researchers accounted for 38.142% of the publications in the journal Plant Journal, ranking first. In the same year, Chinese researchers accounted for 29.683% of the publications in the journal New Phytologist, ranking second. In 2022, the proportion of Chinese articles in the journal Plant Biotechnology Journal accounted for 63.27% of the total number (compared to 57.95% in 2019), ranking first.

30% is the threshold for low-quality journals, regardless of how classic your previous publications were!

haosun 2022-12-22

Materials related to plants, physiology, pathology, environmental science, water science, and so on can all be published, but they are not specialized enough. The impact factors are increasing rapidly, but they are all driven by hot topics. Excluding literature reviews, over half of the research articles are contributed by Chinese researchers. Overall, it is not optimistic! It is becoming more and more like a water journal. In terms of international standards, it is undoubtedly a water journal when Chinese researchers contribute more than one-third of the articles!

luofeiyu 2022-12-16

For example, in Volume 237, Issue 1, Chinese researchers make up exactly half of the articles. This is a very alarming phenomenon. The proportion of Chinese articles exceeds thirty percent in scientific journals without a doubt. This far exceeds this ratio.

luofeiyu 2022-12-16

Feeling that the editor is not very professional, the whole process of submitting the manuscript for half a year has been a hassle, and the questions raised by the editor and reviewers are difficult to comprehend (probably because they didn't understand many experimental designs). The reputation of this magazine abroad is mediocre. In fact, this magazine has always been second-rate. In China, only the impact factor is considered, and there is a lot of hype involved. After acceptance, I took a look at the articles in this magazine. Research articles are dominated by Chinese authors. It seems that a high impact factor can only attract Chinese submissions. I have no positive impression at all.

talent 2022-04-02

Have you submitted your work for external review, OP?

lulu拉拉的sci 2022-03-30

Very fast, the submission was rejected in 3 days. NP has very high quality requirements. Later, it was resubmitted to Horticulture Research and was accepted after 4 and a half months.

talent 2022-03-23

Did your submission for external review get rejected, OP?

cats 2021-10-27

Very fast, the quality of the article is not high and it is very easy to be rejected.

Donniao 2021-04-03

Brother, start by grasping the four confidences.

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