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好运连连 2023-07-27

Excuse me, has the problem upstairs been resolved??? I also raised this issue and I'm not quite clear on what it means. Can someone kind-hearted help me interpret it?

sakiayumi 2023-06-23

Waited for 2 months and received it directly.

sakiayumi 2023-06-08

I feel that the review process is very slow, and it has been a month and it is still "with editor".

黄津 2023-03-07

The translation of the given text into English is: "Please ensure that the heading of the column on the checklist is 'Reported on Page No'. (Currently, it is 'Reported on line')."

The phrase "请问大家,杂志这是什么意思?" translates to "Excuse me, what does this magazine mean?"

Dingding 2022-11-24

The first vote, I was confused. Everyone said it was not good enough, but even if it's just to make up the numbers, it's still good. Keep going, don't give up!

jovi J 2022-11-05

21 Jul, submitted; 24 Jul, with editor; 28 Jul, Under Review; 9 Oct, Required Reviews Completed; 10 Oct, Revise, Minor Revision; 17 Oct, Revision Submitted to Journal; 19 Oct, Accept; 2 Nov, Proof.


21st July, submitted; 24th July, with editor; 28th July, Under Review; 9th October, Required Reviews Completed; 10th October, Revise, Minor Revision; 17th October, Revision Submitted to Journal; 19th October, Accept; 2nd November, Proof.

高三尖杉酯碱 2022-06-28

After revising and polishing a review article, it was accepted for direct publication in less than 10 days. Even though it is just a watered-down version, having a SCI article in hand still has some impact.

ttyqty 2022-05-25

The speed of manuscript review is moderate, leaning towards slow. There is a significant difference in the level of reviewers, with some being particularly responsible and others lacking professionalism. Hopefully, the journal can gradually improve.

Romeo 2022-02-22

The review speed is extremely slow. The paper was submitted on July 22nd, and the final revised version (minor revision) was just submitted. I hope it can be accepted.

一二三四我是小雨点点 2022-02-14

Jan 15, 2022 Submission
Feb 9, 2022 Awaiting editing comments after external review (Decision in Process)

骨汤 2022-02-08

In the past, it was good in the middle, but now it is not good in the middle.

SSSSCI 2022-01-17

The first review has been nearly 11 months, with 2 reminders in between. They kept saying they couldn't find a reviewer, it's too slow, and the organization doesn't approve.

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