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Yufei Zhang 2021-03-30

Haha, thank you senior, I wish you smooth work.

Alger 2021-03-19

This magazine used to be quite good. It is still in the first quartile. I don't know what happened last year.
I work in algae and often submit articles to the algae journals AR, JPY, and JAP.
Good luck to you, there will definitely be an impact factor this year.

Yufei Zhang 2021-01-14

6 Oct 2020, submission
21 Oct 2020, under review
15 Nov 2020, major revision
28 Dec 2020, major revision
10 Jan 2021, minor revision
12 Jan 2021, minor revision
13 Jan 2021, accept

The first paper I wrote, hoping it can be included in JCR this June, praying...

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