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shimin_7 2023-07-27

You're pretty fast too. Congratulations!

sdfghjkl 2023-07-26

2023.07.25 accept - Received in less than two months, super fast speed.

RaymondDai 2023-07-21

This magazine relies on connections, without a doubt. It is easy to get articles reviewed by maintaining a good relationship with the editorial director. Otherwise, the article quality must be exceptionally high.
In addition, the comment above saying that JMST only accepts metal structural materials is presumptuous. You can check the proportion of functional materials that JMST currently accepts. It is likely higher than Acta.
Domestic journals in China still have a long way to go. The influence of circles and relationships is too significant. In addition, 99% of submissions are from Chinese authors, indicating that the recognition level is still much lower.

shimin_7 2023-07-21

It seems like page and picture.

sdfghjkl 2023-07-21

7.20 Revised Manuscript Submitted - translated into English is:

Revised manuscript submitted on July 20th.

sdfghjkl 2023-07-21

WDM, do I have to pay so much? What criteria is it based on? I'm trembling a bit.

shimin_7 2023-07-21

I have not been notified to pay yet, and I paid over 8000 in the previous article.

sdfghjkl 2023-07-21

Congratulations. May I ask if this journal requires you to pay in the end?

shimin_7 2023-07-20

The feedback is very good, maybe the editor didn't submit it for review and decided to make the decision directly.

sdfghjkl 2023-07-19

Do I know this person? How can it be so fast?

shimin_7 2023-07-18

Submitted: 2023.6.8
With Editor: 2023.6.8
Under Review: 2023.6.10
Under Review: 2023.6.24
Decision in Process: 2023.7.6
Major Revision: 2023.7.9
Revised Manuscript Submitted: 2023.7.13
Decision in Process: 2023.7.17
Accept: 2023.7.17
The second JMST paper was accepted without further revisions. The process was really fast.

jiujiu 2023-07-14

2023-7-13 Post

sdfghjkl 2023-06-30

The journal's efficiency is quite high. The peer review process is relatively fast, and the speed of editing is also fast.

Pu 2023-06-29

Why is there no under view anymore, I'm so anxious.

xiaogouhuangdou 2023-06-27

May I ask how your results are? My "under review" date keeps changing, and I don't know what it means.

shimin_7 2023-06-20

First, share the timeline:
Submitted: 2023.4.11
With Editor: 2023.4.11
Under Review: 2023.4.12
Under Review: 2023.4.28
Decision in Process: 2023.4.28
Major Revision: 2023.5.4
Revised Manuscript Submitted: 2023.5.23
Under Review: 2023.5.28
Under Review: 2023.6.13
Decision in Process: 2023.6.14
Accept: 2023.6.15
It's not easy to get a purely simulated work published in JMST, I am very grateful for the opinions of the two reviewers. After adding many figures and content, the quality of the paper has significantly improved. At the same time, another paper that I revised did not have such good luck. After the revision, it was sent to a new reviewer and was directly rejected. Maybe the level of the article is still not enough, so I still need to continue to work hard.

胖胖哒点 2023-06-17

How long does it take for the major repair to be reviewed after submission?

向宇宙许愿肯定会实现 2023-06-16

Hello, may I ask if this journal requires a page fee?

zyld 2023-06-13

Jun 12, 2023 Accept
Jun 11, 2023 minor Revise
Apr 26, 2023 major Revise
Mar 25, 2023 submitted
Editor efficiency is fast, reviewers are professional. The manuscript was under review for 20 days, and after major revisions of 10,000 words, it took 30 days to respond. After minor revisions, it was accepted 1 day later. The total time was 3 months.

小孙挥挥手 2023-06-12

The journal is fast, the reviewers are professional, and they ask very detailed questions, which greatly helps improve the quality of the paper. I wish the journal to become better and better!

2023.04.11 Submitted
2023.05.04 Major Revised
2023.05.27 Submitted
2023.06.05 Minor Revised
2023.06.06 Submitted
2023.06.07 Accept

邕江江畔 2023-06-01

May encounter a very slow reviewer. Waiting patiently for good news!

lanfeio 2023-05-26

I and you submitted on the same day, and it has been almost two months under review without any news.

邕江江畔 2023-05-22

2023.3.23 submitted;
2023.3.24 under review;
2023.4.19 revision;
2023.5.18 accept
Support domestic production!

邕江江畔 2023-05-22

Received. Keep it up!

shimin_7 2023-05-11

As long as one reviewer rejects, the editor rejects directly.

胖胖哒点 2023-05-11

I want to ask everyone, is there a high probability of this journal being rejected after submission? I'm worried about going through all the trouble for two to three months and then being rejected in the end.

胖胖哒点 2023-05-10

Is the original poster still under review? Or has there been a result? Mine has also changed the under review dates twice.

gin117 2023-05-08

2023.4.23 under review - April 23rd, 2023, under review
2023.5.5 under review - May 5th, 2023, under review
2023.5.18 under review - May 18th, 2023, under review

科研狗0号 2023-05-05

Is "decision in process" a common state for journals? Does it mean that there is a high probability of rejection if this appears?

498044470 2023-05-05

We have been with the editor for a month and it hasn't been reviewed yet.

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