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路口123 2023-04-28

I am about the same as you. I spent 9 months working on it, from start to finish. This magazine absolutely does not rush the submission, so people who are eager to graduate should definitely not submit.

wzhang 2023-02-22

July 2022, submission deadline at the end of October, rejection with encouragement to resubmit (common practice for this journal).
Early December, resubmitting supplementary experiments. Received rejection letter on February 22nd. Same reviewer for the second round, one person was very satisfied, while the other raised new questions.
I got rejected by the editor because of the new questions raised by the second reviewer, which were not brought up during the initial review period...
I'm completely speechless... wasted over seven months.
If you're in a hurry, don't submit.
I'm really frustrated with this German editor.
It infuriates me... I hope the journal deteriorates.

张海洋-Betty 2023-01-14

May I ask if there are any requirements for fonts, font sizes, page margins, or other formatting for the manuscript?

wzhang 2023-01-12

"Check the submission history above."

Xiyue Wang 2022-12-31

I would like to ask, how can I check the submission status of this journal?

luofeiyu 2022-12-06

I feel that Qianli Qinchuan's words are right on point... Even PP PJ is better than New Phyto to some extent.

luofeiyu 2022-12-06

You should look at things other than just the impact factor, otherwise you will think that Cell Research is stronger than Science.

The quality of jxp research papers is mediocre.

luofeiyu 2022-12-06

There are too many review articles, which increase the impact factor, but the quality of research articles is generally average. However, it is very friendly to Chinese people, as most of the articles are written by Chinese authors. For example, the latest issue can be found at

大白兔 2022-11-28

Plant cell > New Phy = Plant phy > Plant journal = Plant Cell and Env = 该期刊 > Annals of Botany.

Translation: Plant Cell is equivalent to New Phy, Plant phy, Plant journal, Plant Cell and Env, and 该期刊, which is Annals of Botany.

BIEAK 2022-10-15

2022.03.16 Submitted
2022.05.13 Rejected with encouragement to resubmit
2022.08.22 Completed data, resubmitted
2022.09.14 Received minor revisions
2022.09.21 Submitted revised manuscript after minor revisions
2022.09.25 Resubmitted with some formatting issues addressed
2022.10.04 Received acceptance letter

旧城IC 2022-10-11

The review process was quite fast, but I have been reviewing it for six months and it got rejected.

Ecoman 2022-10-07

After rejecting the resubmission, it will take approximately 3 weeks for the editor's review, followed by a week of external review. It is estimated that the revised version will be sent back to the previous reviewer and accepted directly after making the necessary changes.

wzhang 2022-08-10

How long does the external review take? It has been 2 weeks and I still haven't had the external review.

Ecoman 2022-08-04

The review process is relatively slow, taking almost two months. The number of review comments is few, but they are quite strict. The editor gave permission to resubmit the manuscript after rejection, requesting the addition of experiments. I hope to be accepted after supplementing the experiments and making revisions according to the suggestions. Praying!!!

旧城IC 2022-08-02

Hello, may I ask how long did you spend on the external audit at that time?

旧城IC 2022-08-02

It has been over four months since the external review, and there is still no news. This journal is so slow.

lizhenyily 2022-02-11

2022.2.11 Submission under review.

nothing else matters 2021-12-22

Why is JXB in zone 2 in the upgraded version, while Plant Journal is in zone 1? Clearly, the impact factor of JXB is higher than that of Plant Journal.

ZHLGL 2021-10-21

Now both journals have a score of 7.

ZHLGL 2021-10-21

Very good journal, a well-established magazine, especially the overall level of articles in recent years is very high, with thorough analysis of mechanisms. It feels like it will soon be upgraded to a top-tier journal. The impact factor has also reached around 7 recently. The review process is relatively fast. Everyone can cite articles from this journal more often to make it more influential.

Tony 2021-06-09

Why does JXB IF5.9 only have 2 zones? Why is JIPB IF4.8 in zone 1?

回到过去 2021-04-21

The first review rejected the manuscript and encouraged resubmission. After resubmission, the manuscript underwent major revisions, which were accepted by the reviewer after three rounds of review, taking nearly 5 months in total.

The main reason for the lengthy process was that one of the reviewers was a peer in the field, and their questions were very detailed and rigorous. It took a long time to satisfy this reviewer.

Additionally, the journal's status in the Author Area consistently showed "Under Review," and the specific status needed to be checked in the Submission History.

The review status initially showed "Under Peer Review," and then it changed to "Under Review" when it was returned to the editor.

It is possible to choose not to make the publication open access, which would eliminate publication fees.

I hope this information can help everyone. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will respond.

hbg1989 2021-04-18

Dear experts, may I ask how much is the layout fee for JXB version?

静默前行 2021-01-08

Qianli Qinchuan, to my knowledge, it is difficult to be accepted by these magazines without several years of work. I believe nobody would spend several years of their youth just to spam these magazines. I also noticed your comments on other magazines. I hope you take care of yourself and don't become a meaningless angry youth. Put your energy into work.

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