Note: Verified reviews are sourced from across review platforms and social media globally.

klosezzx 2023-06-14

The second TPS is focused on pulse power.
Submitted on April 8, 2023.
Revised on May 9, 2023. Sent to three reviewers who provided a total of over ten friendly suggestions.
Revised manuscript submitted on May 14, 2023.
Minor revisions requested on June 12, 2023.
Accepted on June 14, 2023.
A total of two months and six days.

klosezzx 2023-03-02

The review speed is fast, the editor is responsible, and the reviewers are very meticulous.
Submitted on December 20, 2022.
Revision required on January 18, 2023 (Major Revision).
Submitted revised manuscript on January 30, 2023.
Status changed to waiting for editor's review on February 28, 2023.
Accepted on March 1, 2023.
A total of 2 months and 10 days.

真理的火炬 2022-12-05

Although the impact factor is relatively low, it still has a certain influence in a niche field. Submitted on November 15, 2021, revised on March 7, 2022, and accepted on March 30, 2022.

暖柠 2022-11-22

Hello, may I ask if there are any results yet? I am under review since 22.03.01, and I still haven't received any results. I have followed up twice in the meantime, but no one responded.

小浅123 2022-11-04

May I ask if it is normal to wait for the assignment of an editor after submitting the manuscript for two and a half months? Should I send an email to remind the reviewer?

小浅123 2022-11-04

I have been waiting for the allocation of the editor for 2 and a half months. Should I send an email to remind the reviewer?

VV辰 2022-03-14

A total of 10 months.

wujg 2022-03-13

Submission in April 2021.
Received reviewer comments in February 2022, with two minor revisions.

沫沫强 2022-01-17

Submitted at the end of October in the 21st year, it was quickly under review, but the peer-review process has been slow, and there has been no news so far.

AmnesiA88 2021-06-28

The first time submitting to TPS went quite smoothly overall.
On March 24, 2021, the submission status immediately became "under review."
On June 8, 2021, the reviewer's comments were received, and both reviewers suggested "Minor Revision." The editor also requested "Minor Revision" and a total of 5 minor issues were raised.
On June 18, 2021, the revised manuscript was submitted.
On June 26, 2021, an acceptance email was received.

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