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JCCJ 2023-08-04

Aug 04, 2023 With Editor

lu66 2023-08-04

2023.7.31 Submitted to Journal - This text is already in English.

2023.8.2 With Editor - This text is already in English.

aisthebest 2023-07-17

Jul 15, 2023 Required Reviews Completed (A total of five reviewers have provided feedback)

JCCJ 2023-07-16

May I ask if the original poster submits the revised manuscript in an unmarked format (Word or LaTeX) or as a PDF generated by LaTeX? However, the system does not recognize PDF files. The first time I submitted a single LaTeX source file, it was returned by the editor stating that the format was incorrect. Is it necessary to submit a Word version instead?

JCCJ 2023-07-12

Jul 11, 2023 With Editor

paper boy 2023-07-09

Use LaTex template.

wwc 2023-07-05

The first trial lasted a little over three months.

DJJDKK 2023-07-04

Very good, great, very nice

aisthebest 2023-07-04

under review: July 04, 2023
Review completed: 4th

JCCJ 2023-07-02

Jul 02, 2023 Major Revision

aisthebest 2023-06-30

under review: June 30, 2023
Review completed: 3.

JCCJ 2023-06-14

Jun 13, 2023 Under Review

JCCJ 2023-06-13

Jun 12, 2023 With Editor Good luck

scinfo 2023-06-12

2023.6.12 submitted to journal
2023.6.16 With Editor
2023.6.20 Under Review

aisthebest 2023-06-12

Initial Date Submitted: May 18, 2023
Under Review: May 23, 2023
Under Review: June 12, 2023

aristo 2023-06-12

Initial Date Submitted: May 03, 2023
Under review: May 15, 2023;
Under review: Jun 11, 2023;

JCCJ 2023-06-01

How long does the first trial take, may I ask?

planman 2023-05-22

This behavior is indeed a bit annoying.

planman 2023-05-22

May 13, 2023, Submitted to journal;
May 17, 2023, With Editor;
May 21, 2023, Reject.

The reason given for the rejection is that the paper does not align with the journal's scope, likely due to a high volume of submissions. My paper perfectly aligns with the focus of this journal, so it is possible that they do not want to accept too many papers. I should be cautious in submitting to this journal in the near future.

wwc 2023-05-22

The first trial passed, but in the second trial, they directly rejected it, saying that it did not align with the direction. Although I also felt that it didn't quite match, since it was already submitted for the first trial, I thought it should have been considered acceptable. It's frustrating that they rejected it with just one sentence in the second trial. It would have been better if they had rejected it directly in the first trial. It wasted four months.

jiaer 2023-05-19

Okay, thank you for the host, thank you host.

JCCJ 2023-05-18

Last time it was submitted in October of last year, and it has already been retrieved. It took 4 and a half months from submission to online publication.

jiaer 2023-05-18

Did you receive the last submission, or is it still under review? If it is accepted, how long is the processing time?

JCCJ 2023-05-18

The last time I submitted, there were 2 reviewers. The other person in the lab submitted with 3 reviewers, but this time I don't know how many.

jiaer 2023-05-17

The original text is already in Chinese. It translates to English as: "The OP is asking how many reviewers there are and how many RRCs there are."

JCCJ 2023-05-08

Currently still under review.

jiaer 2023-05-04

Is there any result? Is there any result for under review?

JCCJ 2023-04-05

submit a few days later with the editor

JCCJ 2023-04-05

Apr 05, 2023 Under Review

Apr 05, 2023 Under Review

jiaer 2023-04-05

submit a few days later with the editor

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