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城门楼子 2023-04-30

Regarding the review status, I didn't check it every day at that time. I didn't even know when the major revisions came back... But now it's graduation season, and there are probably more manuscripts being submitted. Many journals are taking longer to process. The journal I recently submitted to has also been in review for a week or two without any updates. Don't worry, be patient, and good luck to you!

城门楼子 2023-04-30

Hello, sorry about that~ I don't recall having this questionnaire file. You can try submitting it directly and if it passes the technical review, then there shouldn't be any problem.

圆der 2023-04-26

Classmate, I want to submit an article to this magazine and I wanted to ask about the Submission Questionnaire for the file "Fitoterapia". What kind of file is this? What content should I submit?

圆der 2023-04-26

Excuse me, how is the final submission questionnaire for the file "Fitoterapia" submitted?

圆der 2023-04-26

I want to ask my classmates, what kind of documents do we need to submit for the "Submission Questionnaire _Fitoterapia"? Do you have a template for it? I hope you can reply after seeing this! Thank you!!!

十五纨唧 2023-04-10

Hello! I would like to inquire about my submission on April 1st. It is still "Submitted to Journal" as of April 10th. Was your submission also in the same status before?

城门楼子 2022-12-21

I submitted an article last year and the process was very fast. I submitted it on April 29th and received major revisions on May 15th. One reviewer suggested accepting it directly, while the other reviewer kindly raised some questions. Since there was no rush, I took my time to address each comment. The article was accepted on June 15th, but it wasn't published until the second half of the year. Overall, I didn't put much effort into it, maybe I was just lucky. Fast review process is a significant advantage, so I recommend it for those who have low demands and are in a hurry.

刘波流海留疤 2022-12-09

Excuse me, did the decision in process on the second day turn out to be a final rejection? I also had a decision in process on the second day.

赖靖江 2022-10-24

What is written in the Submission Questionnaire of Fitoterapia?

ssssscie 2022-08-31

The day after submission, it went straight to "Decision in Process" status. Does that mean it will be rejected?

ssssscie 2022-08-31

Is it true that if the status is "Decision in Process" on the second day after submission, there is no chance? Has anyone experienced this?

Dxdx777 2022-01-09

Submitted for 18 days, accepted. During proofreading, many modifications were made. It is a very efficient journal and also gradually improving. Best wishes.

闪闪的砂砾 2021-09-20

May I ask where to find the Submission Questionnaire for Fitoterapia? Can you provide a template, please? Thank you.

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