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Little Baby 2023-07-18

Hired on May 6th, and the layout fee was also paid. It has been 2 and a half months now, and I still haven't received the proof. I have already followed up once, and the editor replied that they would contact the relevant department, but there has been no further communication. I wonder if anyone else has encountered such a situation...

Public health 2023-07-06

The review process is fast, but the external review takes a long time. Moreover, only 14 days are given for major revisions, which is a bit tight. Even after the revisions, the external review time is still long, which is not suitable for students and teachers with urgent short-term submissions.

mandalay_zhang 2023-06-05

Very slow, I submitted it in September last year, and it took almost two to three months for the editor to assign it. Then it took another two to three months to find reviewers, and in the process, a third reviewer was sought due to conflicting opinions. After more than a month, it was finally rejected. Submit with caution.

美小白 2022-12-06

After three months of submission, there was no assigned editor. During this period, two reminder letters were sent. Finally, in the third month, an editor was assigned. Soon after the assignment, an external reviewer was invited. The review process by the expert was quite fast, and the review was received in about a month. One of the external reviewers provided a very negative evaluation, while the other one raised some professional questions. In the end, after more than four months, the manuscript was rejected. The early-stage editorial process was too slow.

Elisa 2022-05-16

I submitted on 5.8, and on 5.15, they sent an email saying the title page is incorrect and needs to be changed. Then on 5.16, they sent another email saying the order is wrong and needs to be changed. Is this editor asking the author to do all the work for them?

clover123 2021-08-21

August 2020 submission, received the first repair feedback at the end of June this year, returned for repairs at the end of July, and now there is still no news.

准备第二篇SCI的小文文 2021-08-08

I also submitted it in August 2020, and it was revised in February 2021. Because it was during the Chinese New Year period, I didn't want to be too tired, so I delayed it for more than two months and revised it by the end of April. Then it was revised again in mid-May. I still didn't want to be too tired, so I delayed it for another month, and then revised it in June. An expert gave me some good advice, which I didn't understand at first, but later I made the modifications according to his requirements. It was accepted in mid-July, and I paid the publication fee. I received the proof in early August and it was published online 4 days later. I think the journal is super nice. Every time I exceeded the deadline, I would email to explain the reasons, and the editor would always reply to me. It's really good.

小明jill 2021-05-28

Can we negotiate the price?

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