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了-1 2023-08-07

Has it slowed down?

Pharon.lp 2023-07-23

Oh my god, you were hired in just 20 days, that's incredible!

奕轩 2023-07-20

How can I become a reviewer for BT? Please let me know. I am also a frequent visitor to BT and have already had 4 articles accepted and published.

咳咳咳咳 2023-07-18

Does the submission require the corresponding author to submit it?

咳咳咳咳 2023-07-18

Does the submission have to be made by the corresponding author? Can the first author submit it?

zuyanzu 2023-07-18

Has the feedback on the return repair come back now?

zuyanzu 2023-07-18

How long does it usually take to receive feedback for review and have the opportunity for revision? It has been 10 days since the submission, and I am quite anxious. I hope to receive it before the award evaluation this year.

yulianjingsi 2023-07-18

The website for track inquiries on rework and the initial review are linked. How do I know if there are new reviewers? I only see that two reviewers have been invited for rework.

De-Frank 2023-07-18

2023-06-12 submit manuscript
2023-07-05 major revision
2023-07-12 submit revised manuscript
2023-07-16 accept
Thank you to Professor Huu Hao Ngo for personal's 4th BITE.

熊猫头 2023-07-18

Yeah, I feel quite speechless. I even invited new reviewers, but it's been three days and no one has accepted the review... This is completely different from the previous peer review process.

yulianjingsi 2023-07-18

I have also encountered the same experience as you. There were four initial reviewers, and the editor also provided a bunch of comments. In total, there were nearly 70 comments, and my response was about 10,000 words, even more than the main text. It was sent back to two reviewers, and I'm not sure if there are any additional reviewers. It's still uncertain.

熊猫头 2023-07-17

Previously, after the return of a BT (presumably a document or work), it was the scriptwriter's decision whether to directly use it. Now, encountering Samir Kumar Khanal as an editor, it needs to be re-reviewed after the return, and it is even sent to a new reviewer... I am truly speechless.

蔡旭昆 2023-07-14

6.14 Submission
6.18 Under review
6.27 Major revision
7.1 Accept

子笙默七七 2023-07-08

My editor said one decimal place.

CaliforniaFOFO 2023-07-06

5.12 Submission
5.18 Under review
Has it slowed down? It's already July 6th and there is still no response.

zhhhui 2023-07-04

I was also rejected after peer review, which shouldn't be the case. The rejection letter clearly stated that resubmission after rejection is not supported.

mm5709 2023-07-03

Can I ask the classmates who have submitted their manuscripts, after being rejected by BT, can I resubmit it after making the necessary modifications?

henne 2023-07-03

What kind of big shot is this? The 3rd post of BT.

天火 2023-07-03

The general requirement is to keep 3-4 significant figures.

小杨很忙999 2023-07-01

Which brother has encountered the issue with decimal numbers? Do we really need two decimal points? What does it mean?

梁学友 2023-06-25

Wow, you're so awesome!

xwxwsci 2023-06-24

6.5 submitted
6.6 with editor
6.7 under review
6.9 rrc
6.17 rrc
6.18 major revise
6.24 accept

6.5 submitted
6.6 with editor
6.7 under review
6.9 rrc
6.17 rrc
6.18 major revise
6.24 accept

chu1 2023-06-19

How long after submitting the manuscript can I receive the "track your submission" email?

zzz456 2023-06-19

I would like to ask how long it takes for BT Journal to provide the proof. I need to add an issue number.

zzz456 2023-06-19

6.18 received. Quickly. Strict review of formatting requirements. Do not use phrases like "Fig S1". Instead, directly mention what is described in the supplementary information. Titles cannot have abbreviations. Many thanks to Professor HUU HAO NGO!

小杨很忙999 2023-06-17

Experienced 4 revisions.

xwxwsci 2023-06-10

6.5 submitted
6.6 with editor
6.7 under review
6.9 rrc

Is rrc going to be cancelled in the next few days?

xwxwsci 2023-06-10

Where can I see several reviewers?

zhhhui 2023-06-08

Second submission, the first draft was sent for review, leaving aside other things, the reviewers are really efficient. Submitted on the 6th, received with editor on the same day. On the 8th, at 3:50 pm, the review invitation was sent and entered under review. In less than half an hour, two reviewers accepted the invitation. The speed is truly impressive!

zzz456 2023-06-04

Gave a major renovation and returned two days ago.

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