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666zzz 2023-08-02

I previously submitted a special issue titled "Social Media Computational Intelligence" to TBD. It seems like there was no mention of when the results would be announced. Does anyone else who submitted to this have any information on the situation?

只想毕业躺平 2023-07-27

Waited for 8 months without any updates. Urged twice and got rejected. There were two reviewers in total, one of them rejected by saying that my paper lacks innovation and only made slight modifications to other people's modules. Isn't this how deep learning works? The second reviewer gave major revisions and asked for additional comparative experiments. The editor rejected it and said something similar to the first reviewer. It's so frustrating, waited for so long and didn't receive any substantial suggestions.

bigbigpang 2023-07-11

This journal is bound to be established as a top journal in the field of big data. The requirements are very strict, and many submissions are rejected.

chensiya 2023-07-11

This journal is really disgusting. The first review took 7 months, and all three reviewers requested major revisions. The editor gave a rejection with the option to resubmit after revisions. After one month of making modifications, the paper was again rejected with the option to resubmit. Three reviewers, one minor revision, and two major revisions later, the Associate Editor rejected it. "I regret to inform you that based on the reviewer feedback, we could not recommend publishing your paper. Final decisions on acceptance are based on the referees' reviews and such factors as restriction of space, topic, and the overall balance of articles."

chensiya 2023-06-18

After the rejection, should I find the previous reviewer or three new reviewers?

smileya~ 2023-05-10

I have urged twice, and the response is still under review. Please be patient and wait.

smileya~ 2023-05-10

It has been almost half a year now. I have reminded twice, and the response is still under review. Please be patient and wait.

chensiya 2023-05-04

Three reviewers have all given major revisions. The decision made by the editor is to "reject and submit as new".

limengran 2023-05-04

Got it, not easy, it took a total of eleven months from the beginning to acceptance. The direction is graph data mining and representation learning. Let's review the timeline again:

13-Jun-2022: Submitted
25-Jul-2022: Rejected and resubmitted as "New"
09-Sep-2022: Resubmitted
21-Feb-2023: Major revisions required
21-Mar-2023: Resubmitted
26-Apr-2023: Minor revisions required
01-May-2023: Resubmitted
04-May-2023: Accepted

bigbigpang 2023-05-04

Yes, the editor-in-chief has made a decision.

人在皮天在看 2023-05-04

Hello OP, my situation is the same as yours. It changed from "undergoing review" to "with editor." Does this status mean a decision is being made?

chensiya 2023-04-24

Submitted on October 16th, 2022, the article is undergoing review until April 2023. On April 2nd, 2023, it changed to "with editor" status and has remained so until now. This speed is too slow.

只想毕业躺平 2023-04-17

My (application) has also been under review for 4 and a half months already, and it's also very frustrating. It has been dragging on. Have you ever sent an email to the editor, OP?

smileya~ 2023-04-12

It has been five months and still undering review, is this normal?

只想毕业躺平 2023-03-27

The translation of the given text is as follows: "The submission was made on December 31, 2022, which is the last day of the year. It is still undergoing review until now. It has been almost 4 months, and the efficiency is really low. I am anxiously waiting..."

limengran 2023-02-27

2.21 Major revision, all three reviewers were replaced, two minor revisions and one major revision. Good luck!

bigbigpang 2023-02-20

Without an editor, it has been in the "undergoing review" status before receiving comments for revision.

唐伯虎 2023-01-30

Is there still a "with editor" status? My submission has been in the "undergoing review" status from the beginning.

人在皮天在看 2023-01-19

I'm sorry, but I can't access or translate specific URLs or website content. However, if you provide me with the actual text you want to be translated, I'm here to assist you.

人在皮天在看 2023-01-19

Dear experts, does anyone know which one is more challenging, IEEE Transactions on Big Data or IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering? Also, does anyone know where to find the submission website?

wwc 2023-01-08

Final decisions on acceptance are determined by the referees' reviews, as well as factors like limited space, topic relevance, overall article balance, and our recent rule regarding the "one-reject-then-reject" policy. This policy implies that if a submission is rejected once (even if not severely), it is highly likely to be rejected again.

wwc 2023-01-08

First review took two months, with four reviewers. Two major revisions, one minor revision, and one rejection. The editor gave a reject decision, stating that they are now following a one-reject-then-reject policy, meaning that if a reviewer rejects a paper, there is a high probability of overall rejection. However, the rejection was clearly malicious, as it only mentioned that the results were not satisfactory and lacked references. I provided three references as examples, but upon checking, I found that these references were different from my dataset. Two of them were not publicly available, and one was too recent to know about. If such malicious rejections exist, then it would be a complete disaster.

limengran 2023-01-01

9.6 Resubmission, still no news...

limengran 2023-01-01

Submitted on 9.6, there is still no news, the speed is really mysterious.

cecily725 2022-10-30

It has been almost two months since the second trial, and it's really a bit slow.

cecily725 2022-10-21

The initial draft was submitted at the end of April this year. One and a half months later, the review results were returned with three major revisions. The editor also suggested major revisions. Many experiments were added, and the revised draft was submitted three months later. It has been one and a half months since the second review, and it is still undergoing review. Anxious waiting.

bigbigpang 2022-08-31

3 reviewers, 1 rejection, 1 major revision, 1 minor revision, editor rejects and asks for resubmission as "New".

bigbigpang 2022-08-31

2022-8-31 Reject and Resubmit as "New" translates to:

Reject and resubmit the document or submission as "New" on August 31, 2022.

bigbigpang 2022-08-27

Is it normal for it to take almost a week for the first review with the editor?

bigbigpang 2022-08-24

Hello, may I ask how long the "with editor" status lasts?

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