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鑫雅文化 2023-06-21

Not bad, the paper was modified twice and the reviewer was quite responsible. The publication fee is 1595 USD.

仙女不讲李哦 2023-06-21

May I ask, what is the situation with the publication fee for this journal? Do we need to pay it before the review process? Is it $1595?

仙女不讲李哦 2023-06-21

Excuse me, everyone. Do we need to pay first for the journal's Article Processing Charges (APC) before the review process? I just submitted my article and noticed a payment option in the shopping cart. If I don't pay quickly, does that mean my article won't be reviewed?

顺利6666 2023-06-18

Searched for a month and a half.

jdyz 2023-06-01

"Three and a half months have been retrieved."

好难过xcx 2023-05-21

May I ask how long it took for all of you to retrieve? It has been a month and a half for me and I still haven't retrieved, it's so slow. If I miss the reward application, I will be very upset.

好难过xcx 2023-05-11

May I ask how long it takes to retrieve SCI?

Moon818 2023-04-28

How long does it take for the review? It has been a month and there has been no response... Please let me know...

清澂 2023-04-05

From submission to acceptance, it took less than 5 months, with one minor revision in between. The speed was relatively satisfactory. The journal strictly reviews the formatting and requires the submission of code and data, with each submission being reviewed by the staff for about a week before acceptance.

asda1433 2023-03-31

Forcing the requirement to upload source code is good, to avoid empty boasting.

521099 2023-03-30

Hello, may I ask how you obtained this question? I have also encountered the same issue.

好难过xcx 2023-03-23

Very normal, after the major revisions, if we include the weekend, there will be 8-9 days of checking status before submitting for approval. Then, after about 10 days or so, we will receive the acceptance notice.

jxlbasdb 2023-03-23

The time it takes to review the journal is usually around one week or longer. I believe the journal should hire additional staff to expedite the reviewing process.
Based on my negative experience, the review process took over two weeks, and then I was informed that the editor had been replaced, causing further delay as they searched for a new editor.

521099 2023-03-22

Hello, has the checking status been continuously ongoing without being updated normally after the revision?

SM Wei 2023-03-20

Received the small repair, is it normal for it to be checking for a week after being repaired?

好难过xcx 2023-03-19

2022.10.28 Submission
2022.12.07 Rejection with encouragement to resubmit
2022.12.28 Resubmission after revision
2023.2.7 Major revision
2023.2.28 Revised and returned
2023.3.17 Accept
Overall, the review speed of the journal is quite fast, with each review taking about a week due to formatting issues. There are a total of three reviewers, who are responsible and professional. The overall requirement for innovation is not very high, but the requirement for model algorithm theory is quite high.

好难过xcx 2023-03-19

Brother, did you submit to PeerJ Computer Science? I saw on the official website that it is indexed in Web of Science SCIE.

jessicayang 2023-03-17

Dear colleagues, may I ask if this magazine is fully indexed in SCI? An article was published in July last year, but in September it was unexpectedly indexed in Medline. Currently, it has not been found to be indexed in SCI.

jessicayang 2023-03-17

Excuse me, colleagues, is this magazine fully indexed in SCI? An article was published in July last year, and surprisingly in September it was indexed in MEDLINE. Currently, it has not been found to be indexed in SCI. I feel like I've been deceived.

jessicayang 2023-03-17

The article was indexed two months after acceptance, and the result showed that it was indexed by MEDLINE. However, it has been six months now and it has still not been indexed by SCI. It feels like being deceived.

PG_CSL 2023-03-09

Hello, may I ask how much is the page fee for this journal? I couldn't find it on its homepage.

chenwu2023 2023-02-17

The speed is relatively fast. After major and minor revisions, it took about 7 months to be accepted. The journal's quality is also good, and the reviewers' comments are relatively fair. Surprisingly, this time it was classified as a fourth-tier journal by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), but the criteria for CAS journal classification are completely unknown. The journal's homepage shows an acceptance rate of over 20%, and I still hope that the journal will continue to improve.

asda1433 2023-02-17

The quality of the article is still quite high, not easy to pass. The reviewers also ask very professionally, so they should have found experts in the same field.

lucky 2023-02-09

Do you need to make the code and data public?

好难过xcx 2022-11-30

May I ask if the host gave the result within 30 days? My application has been in review for 34 days and I'm starting to get a little anxious.

PING1989 2022-11-15

Hello, may I ask if your revision is a major revision or a minor revision? I received a major revision, will it be rejected if it is a major revision?

hjh123 2022-11-15

Did the author receive the message now? What status is displayed after receiving it?

xiaochenhui 2022-11-02

Approximately about a month.

xiaochenhui 2022-11-02

Approximately about a month or so, neither fast nor slow.

好难过xcx 2022-10-30

Original: 楼主我也是碰到跟您一样现在状态是in review,邮件说分配了编辑正在找同行评审。楼主现在有消息了吗?
Translation: I also encountered the same situation as you, and the current status is "in review". The email said that the editor has been assigned and is looking for peer review. Have you received any updates now?

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